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Joseph Grinkorn – Advantages of Build-to-Rent Modular

Many manufacturers are turning to temporary buildings because they want a quick and inexpensive solution by Joseph Grinkorn for their building construction. But when we search on the internet, we quickly realize that there are a multitude of offers and that it is difficult to understand what each one corresponds to.

Whether you want to rent or buy your modular warehouse, you need to qualify your project according to two factors:

Objective of your Surface Extension Project

  • How long do you need it?
  • Why do you need a new building?
  • Build a temporary or permanent workshop
  • Increase its storage area temporarily or permanently

 How long do you need this new surface for?:

  • Do you need this space for a few months?
  • Is your need recurring?
  • Is your number of orders growing in a sustainable way?
  • Do you need to set up storage areas in the event of activity peaks?
  • Does the location belong to your company?
  • Do you need to replace an existing building damaged or unfit for its operation?

In the short or long term, the choice of materials that make up the frame, the periphery and the roof may differ. The advantage of a modular solution is to be able to compose it according to the level of robustness and insulation required by your activity.

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Advantages Of A Modular Building

Quick Setup

One of the main advantages of modular construction is the speed of execution of the project. The customer benefits from a great saving of time thanks to the manufacturing process designed to be very responsive while respecting standards and deadlines.

Scalable Project

Another major advantage offered by modular construction is its 100% modular nature. Each element can be enlarged, dismantled, modified and moved in record time. All it takes is a simple crane to stack the construction elements, which can also take up limited space. A project which does not damage the ground and which does not require any foundation.

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High Reliability

The lifespan of modular buildings is equivalent to traditional construction and they benefit from the same guarantees.

A Tailor-Made Project

The modular construction project is totally adapted to the customer’s wishes. Depending on the expectations and the context of the home, the choice of equipment is completely flexible (cladding of facades, heating, ventilation, access, air conditioning, sanitary facilities or fittings).

Why Rent a Modular Building?

According to Joseph Grinkorn, it is more common to rent than to buy a modular structure. Renting is the best option if you don’t know how long you’ll need an area expansion, or if your need is short-lived:

  • Response to a seasonal peak of activity (recurring or not)
  • Work to bring your main buildings up to standard
  • Offset of production or storage after a disaster
  • Installation of a temporary sales area
  • Provisional or projected production workshop

Why Buy a Modular Construction?

For a long-term project, a modular building can be an ideal solution for a permanent storage area or a production workshop:

  • New production or packaging lines
  • Internalization of storage
  • Storage in a controlled area
  • Reorganization of the flows of your industrial site
  • Final production workshop
  • Preparation or shipping arearead more : readwrites

Business Reception

In the long run, purchasing a modular structure can be more profitable than renting. Indeed, the new modular building makes it possible to enhance your assets and to amortize your new fixed asset in an accounting manner, while being less expensive than traditional construction. Joseph Grinkorn is the Founder of Flipcomp.com. FlipComp is a technology company that give websites, hosting and marketing services for real estate brokers and agents

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