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Low Maintenance Countertops for Your Kitchen

A very important feature of its function and appearance is the countertops you choose to use in it. Whether you choose to use them as a chance to dress up the kitchen and make it look more elegant with something like granite or even quartz countertops Wall NJ, or keep it more casual and country with something like hardwood, your countertops are just as important as the cabinets you install or the new appliances you buy. When you make a good choice you could have a countertop that lasts you a lifetime, or as long as you are in that home. No one wants to spend more time than they have to on maintaining and cleaning them so here are specifically low maintenance options to explore.

Great looking countertops that are low on maintenance requirements

Soapstone countertops – This is a natural stone that is a metamorphic rock with a soapy surface. It is durable, can handle heat and is also stain resistant. It also does not react to acidic spills. But it is not the hardest stone and that means scratches can happen over the years. But it is easy to clean and those scratches are easy to sand out every few years.

Engineered Quartz –  While granite is a popular because of its appearance and durability it does require regular resealing. If you were to choose quartz countertops Point Pleasant Beach you would not have to worry about that. Quartz is easy to clean, made from about 93% quartz particles and then the rest pigments, resins and polymers. It is stain-resistant, heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and is not porous either.  

Solid surface countertops – Another engineered option these contain things like acrylic, marble dust, epoxy, bauxite, and polyester. The brand name Corian is an example but there are now other brands too. It is very low maintenance and is moisture-resistant and heat-resistant. Just take care with stains as it is not as good as say quartz in that area.

Laminate – If you are looking for something more affordable than quartz countertops Wall NJ then laminate is affordable and easy to clean. It is made of hard particle board along with plastic laminate. You can create different looks with it so it looks like granite or whatever you prefer. It does not need regular sealing and its low cost means you can replace it more often as it needs it.


When you are looking for a low maintenance, easy to clean kitchen countertop quartz countertops Point Pleasant Beach could be the answer. But if you are looking for something more affordable then maybe laminate is a better option. Think about materials that fit your practical requirements as well make your kitchen look great. Talk to your kitchen countertop experts and they can best help you in terms of what type of cook you are, how much use the countertops will get, and what your budget is for the countertops specifically.

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