Make a Time Profit or Loss Statement

This answer will give you some idea how you should be budgeting your time. Eventually, you will have an educated summary of how much time you waste and the amount of time many of your varied tasks actually take. Tracking Your Time Enter how much time each scheduled task takes during your day.

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Be sure to make notes of any interruptions. Label tasks and appointments as OUT or as OUT support activity. Categorize these tasks and assignments by primary, secondary, or tertiary time. At the end of each week, use this information to:

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  • Evaluate what percentage of your time is spent in each area of your time Effective Time Management Strategies 36
  • See what percentage of your activities is important and what is urgent
  • Discover the ratio between planned and unplanned activities
  • Spot interrupters and time stealers
  • Find out how much time your usual tasks actually take
  • Adjust time estimating for future tasks
  • Make decisions regarding projects, workflow, and delegation.
  • Eliminate unneeded tasks.
  • Better organize time and tasks.Visit the site: Khatrimaza

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