Mistakes To be Avoided While Teaching Kids How to Read

Reading is a magical skill which every student and kid needs to have in him/her because reading provides the child with all the necessary knowledge of the world and academics, they need to have to be successful in their academic, personal and social life. Reading provides the child with the latest information they need to know. Reading develops those skills in the students and kids which they are not able to understand and learn just by being taught verbally. Reading is that skill which if students and kids know how to utilize then they don’t have to take help from others much. Like if a kid wants to know about ERP full form or learning management system then he just needs to open the chapter in the books containing details regarding these terms. But do students and kids these days know how to read a book properly? If it is true then why doesn’t every student of every class become the topper of the class, why there are few toppers in so many students. It is so because tutors commit some mistakes while teaching the kids how to read. And unfortunately, tutors hide their mistakes by scolding the students instead of correcting their mistakes and teaching the kids the right way to read. Tutors in the class and parents while telling bedtime stories make the same mistakes like they themselves become children and narrate the whole story. They should not do that. Instead let the kids read the story and they read along with them when the child is stuck somewhere, help them, let them understand the story in their own way and grab the moral of the story. Here the child gets 360-degree benefits- he/she develops interest in reading, increases the ability to understand, power of prediction increases which makes the child take better decisions and his/her vocabulary gets enhanced.

Even learning management system of many educational institutions accept that if the students are made to read properly then half of the issues of teaching-learning can be eliminated. Still kids and students mug up abbreviations like ERP full form but once they understand the correct way to read, they will start remembering instead of mugging up. Parents and tutors need to keep one thing in concern that once they complete reading a book or a story with the child, they need not to hurry to jump on another book or story, instead they can ask few questions and try to understand that how much of the story did the child get and understand. It is so because this clarifies the grasping capacity of the child and also that may be the child missed some important information during the story telling or book reading and that needs to be understood on necessary basis. But it doesn’t mean that parents or tutors can shower questions on the kids, just 2-3 questions are enough to understand the connectivity of the child with book. No one says that one book can’t be read again. Instead the children this way, get the idea of revision and get an idea that re-reading a book can be interesting also like many times it happens that we miss few details or words while reading book and catch those missed things in re-reading. If parents and tutors read the books again and again with the kids then they become more and more close to the book and story and their vocabulary becomes enhanced to a very good level.

Tutors and parents need to choose simple books for the students to teach them how to read instead of choosing complex language books so that students and children can read age-appropriate books which are designed according to their grasping capacity which have simple language, lessons with good moral and with colourful pictorial presentations. Tutors should never pick a book having tough literary language, instead it should have simple language with interesting stories which can attract the students and kids to read the book themselves also. They need to feel connected with the book and story emotionally. One more mistake tutors and parents should not make and that is to leave the child completely on them, instead they should be beside them to correct their mistakes while reading.

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