NBA 2K22: Mega Bundle Brings More Surprises and Rewards

Buying the Mega Bundle directly is best way to set your foot in the world of the basketball, if you aim to get best rewards in NBA 2K22. Now the rewards are available and they will not cost much, it is a great opportunity to buy the Mega Bundle, let’s dive into the topic of how much it takes to claim these in-game rewards. Before we start, please visit MTstacks for cheap 2K22 MT Coins.

NBA 2K22 Mega Bundle

Available for consoles exclusively today, the NBA 2K22 Mega Bundle offers 9 rewards that are really easy to get, the bundle will only costs 19.99 USD when it comes to its price, and we are going to reveal what rewards have been featured in the bundle right now.

One thing you should be aware of is the fact that each NBA 2K Account can ONLY purchase one bundle, here are the rewards below:

75K VC, Diamond Consumable Packs, Nike Boosted Arm Sleeve, 1 of 5 Featured Galaxy Opal Players, 2-Hour 2XP Coin, Nike T-Shirt

These rewards are great compared to the costs of only 75K VC ( which is $19.99), and there is an added bonus guaranteed as well. You can also get one of Galaxy Opal players (Ja Morant,Damian Lillard,Chris Bosh and more)in the NBA 2K22 Mega Bundle at random. Each player would a great addition to your MyTeam Lineup, we especially favor the one and only GO Gilbert Arenas because the card is the main contributor to the victory, thanks to its outstanding scoring grades. All the other Galaxy Opals cards would make amend even if you are not lucky enough to get the Gilbert Arenas card, the Mega bundle is guaranteed to be fun.

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