Nose surgery, besides rhinoplasty, what else can you do?

The principle of nose surgery What we do a lot will have 3 parts:

  1. Rhinoplasty
  2. Nose tip augmentation
  3. Sewing or cutting the wings of the nose

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In addition, other areas of nose surgery can also be performed as follows:

– Decoration of the base of the nose bone

a person with a wide nose Even with a prominent nose But it doesn’t look very well. because the base of the nose bone is too wide

This group can be corrected by decorating the base of the nasal bone (Nasal bone shaping) or popularly known as Removing the base of the nasal bone with open nose surgery

However, this must be done by a qualified physician only. Because be careful of the width of the airway If done by an inexperienced doctor, it can affect the respiratory system and make it difficult to breathe.

Caution is People with a wide nose base usually fix the problem with rhinoplasty alone. This may cause the nose to look unnatural. incompatible with the face If you really want to enhance your nose This should be done in conjunction with a reduction in the width of the base of the bone.

– reducing or filing the hump

A hump is a raised bone on the ridge of the nose. looks like a camel’s back can be found in everyone But it is more common in Europeans than Asians.

Those with so many humps that their noses are bent like witches’ noses. can be solved by taking a discount or hump file This can be done in conjunction with other nose surgeries.

Nose surgery method

Nose surgery is divided into two methods:

  1. Closed Rhinoplasty is an incision inside the nose that takes less time and focuses on enhancing the nose to be more prominent.
  2. Open Rhinoplasty: The doctor can clearly see the structure of the nose. make it possible to analyze and solve other problems of the nose as well, such as fixing the problem of the bridge of the nose that is too prominent Removing the original deformed nasal bone or padding the tip of the nose with tissue

The choice of rhinoplasty will depend on the necessity. or the need for rhinoplasty

If you want to do rhinoplasty only Closed nose surgery can fix the problem. However, if multiple sections are performed at the same time, a closed nose surgery is necessary.

nose surgery even if using the same material But the results will vary from person to person. depending on the selected model The original appearance of the nose and expertise of doctors

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