Numerous therapy programs that you can get at a rehab center.

Drug addiction can be deadly, but the most surefire way of dealing with drug addiction has proven to be therapy. Therapy is of many types and it is of many types, all because there are different types of addictions. People can get addicted to legal drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol, gaming, gambling etc. All of these are addictions and rehab center is there to cure the addict off of these addictions. How are these addictions cured? First of all, these addictions can be cured with the help of a wide range of treatment programs that are exclusive to drug rehab centers or simply put—rehabilitation centers. These rehab centers have treatment programs such as inpatient treatment program, outpatient treatment program, intensive outpatient treatment program, intensive inpatient treatment program, detox treatment, therapy treatments, as well as various other services.

Since therapy is a vital aspect of a treatment program, and there are different types of therapies, one should be aware of these types then. Therapy is something that is continued even after the treatment programs are done just so that the patient can help feeling like they are still under supervision, so that they feel like they are under some form of treatment that can help them ease into the world that has become alien to them.

So what are the different therapy programs? They are the following:

DBT—Dialectical Behavioral Therapy program.

This therapy is very unique, and people used to not really cater to such features that this therapy provides. Before people used to only treat the drug addiction but they forgot that along with drug addiction, there are high chances someone is going through a mental health problem or a disorder of some kind. These disorders can be anxiety disorder, OCD, bipolar disorder, depression etc. It can be any mental illness. So what DBT does is that it tries to cure the mental disorder along with the drug addiction through the therapy sessions.

What does this therapy program do?

This therapy program helps the patient to get their self-esteem back. It helps the patient to develop skills that are needed to manage their anxiety and stress levels. The program also makes sure the patient is encouraged and motivated enough to keep up with their treatment program and finish it.

Biofeedback therapy program.

Biofeedback therapy program is another unique program that does not require any drugs to be administered. It works by monitoring the reflexes or instinctive actions of the patient. The way biofeedback therapy works is by monitoring the brainwaves of the person.

What does this therapy program do?

This therapy program studies the brainwaves of the patient and checks for the process that might lead the patient to think about drugs or do acts that might make them want to do drugs. By studying this, specific techniques can be taught to the patient to help them overcome these addiction patterns.

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CBT-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program.

This program relies on practicing and facing the fears the patient might have. This is done to ensure that any thought process, any word, any action that the drug addict used to do, won’t make them do drugs again. So, by working on these old drug addiction habits, CBT can help the patient overcome them so it won’t affect them later.

What this therapy program does?

This therapy program helps the patient become more mentally strong. It gets rid of all the fears that the patient might have which can lead them to relapsing. This program will work on the fears of the patient and make them mentally strong enough to say “no” to drugs.

These are just some of the therapy programs that drug rehab centers offer, aside from group therapy, which is the most common one and is in all treatment programs, there are other therapy programs. You can learn about them on this website.

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