Proper sun protection

In hot countries We can see them all the time, regardless of the season. It is inevitable that the sun will definitely cause dark skin. Stimulates the occurrence of blemishes, freckles and dark spots on the face. Especially if a person has sensitive skin. will cause premature aging from sunlight But if we choose to use skin care products and cleansing foam โฟมล้างหน้า that are suitable for the face will help prevent or slow down wrinkles on the face Different from wrinkles caused by the deterioration of the skin with age, cannot be corrected.

Sunlight consists of many different rays, such as visible light, infrared radiation, which we tend to experience in the form of heat energy and radiation that affects our skin the most. ultraviolet rays (UIitraviolet), also known as UV radiation (UV), which is one of the causes of skin cancer.

But sunlight is not a punishment, as many people understand it, because when the body gets sunlight through the skin. will cause the body to synthesize vitamins better which helps to strengthen bones Do you see that sunlight has both advantages and disadvantages? We just know how to cope. and prevent the dangers of sunlight properly We are ready to receive the sunlight with confidence.

sun protection method

  1. The law of shadows, we should avoid taking risks during the time of strong sunlight, which is 11.00-14.00 because during this time The shadow casts on the ground shorter than us. Because the sun is at a relatively straight angle to the head. And it’s during high levels of UVB rays. which increases the risk of sunburn
  2. Wear dark, thick, tightly woven clothing that blocks about 90% of all types of light.
  3. Open an umbrella when the position of the sun is right above our head. An umbrella will protect us best. but because the sun is always moving as well as the distance between the umbrella and us It is different according to the habit of holding an umbrella. An umbrella is therefore effective in blocking the sun about 70-80%.
  4. Wear a hat, wide-brimmed hat, thick texture, dark color, will block the sun as much as possible. You may also choose a hat that covers the back of the neck. Because it is a position that is often overlooked. always being exposed to the dangers of sunlight
  5. Sunglasses don’t have to be expensive. Because the effectiveness of UV protection is not much different. To increase the protection from sunlight entering the eyes may choose sunglasses that cover up to the sides.

sun protection products

Skin care is not just about cleaning the skin by using a facial foam โฟมล้างหน้า alone. Sun protection is considered a skin care one. The sun protection products (Sunscreen), also known as “sunscreen”, can be divided into two types according to the mechanism of the chemicals that are components in sunscreen.

  1. Physical (Physical): When applied to the skin The cream will coat the skin when you look at it and you will see the skin in that area is white and shiny, which is the mechanism of sun protection. Use the principle of reflecting the incident light.
  2. Chemical: There is a mechanism to protect sunlight from chemical reactions that occur in most sunscreens. Will mix both physical and chemical ingredients to increase the effectiveness of sun protection. as well as making the skin smooth and naturally beautiful not too white But for those with sensitive skin or young children’s skin. Should choose to use sunscreen with only physical components.
  • SPF value indicates the effectiveness of UVB protection. which is the main cause of sunburn
  • PA value indicates the effectiveness of UVA protection.

It is recommended that you choose a sunscreen. that protects against UV rays from sunlight, both UVA and B rays which can be seen on the label, it is labeled “Board spectrum”.

People with fair skin are more prone to sunburn than those with darker skin. Because there is a pigment (Melanin) that helps prevent sun damage such as sunburn, skin cancer. less than dark skinned people causing more harm from sunlight Should choose a sunscreen with higher sun protection than those with darker skin.

people living in tropical countries and the sun is shining like Thailand Doctors recommend a sunscreen of SPF 30 with UVB protection and PA+++ or higher to protect against UVA rays. Nowadays, we rarely see sunscreens listed as having SPF 60 or 100. If a sunscreen with an SPF is higher than 50, specify SPF 50+ instead of the old one.

Using sun protection products

Applying sunscreen must be applied with an adequate thickness of 2 mg/cm² in order to meet the effectiveness stated on the label as follows:

both face and body area, 30 mg

facial area

– Type of cream, amount of 2 knuckles

– Water type, amount 2 coins, 10 baht

because the skin is serrated Doctors recommend dividing the sunscreen you use each time into 2 parts and applying them on top of each other.

The thinner the sunscreen, the lower the protective SPF, for example, applying an SPF 30 sunscreen that needs to be applied at 2 milligrams per square centimeter. But instead apply only 0.5 mg per square centimeter, the SPF will be only 3

For those who play outdoor sports or water sports Should choose a water-resistant or very water-resistant sunscreen, which is waterproof for 40-80 minutes, should be reapplied every 2 hours for effective protection from the sun.

For ordinary people who are not exposed to strong sunlight, such as those who work in office buildings, it can be a hassle. If you have to wash your face and apply sunscreen Especially in those who wear makeup may use other sun protection methods. like spreading an umbrella when going out to eat lunch

For people with oily skin and prone to acne. If you are in the pimples and not in the sun. Should not apply sunscreen. Other methods of sun protection may be used. because sunscreen will cause clogging and and can stimulate acne

The sunscreen. Doctors recommend applying evenly to areas exposed to sunlight. Because often golfers come to the doctor for treatment of skin cancer from early sunlight. Because I don’t think I have to apply sunscreen on my ears, neck, back and forearms.

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