Pros and Cons of 2D animation Vs 3D animation

Since the 1990s the popularity of 3D animation is more than the 2D animated videos. Different sectors are moving towards 3D animation like the media industry, gaming, and advertising. Many best 2d animation studios are delivering quality videos to different business sectors.

There are a lot of differences between 2D animation and 3D animation. But here we will be discussing the pros and cons of both the animation styles.

So, let’s get started with 2D animation first:

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2D animation is explained as working in a two-dimensional environment that is working in the X and Y plane. Many different best 2d animation studios are ready to deliver 2D animated videos. Here are some of the pros and cons of 2d animation that might help you in choosing the right animation studio.


Following are the pros of 2d animated videos:

1. Easy Controlling:

Even you are not going through the tutorials it is easy to use the different software that is made for 2D animation. Moreover, it depends on the tools you are using such as if you are using Toonboom and After Effects, the process of producing a 2D animated video will be faster and easier as compared to the other software.

2. Low Production Cost:

Production cost is all that someone sees when hiring the best 2D animation studio. Not every time it is expected that an animation studio will cost you high. When it comes to 2D animation, so they cost somehow low as compared to the 3D animations and the delivery is comparatively fast than 3D animation.

3. Simple and less complex to produce:

Most of the time it is difficult to use various software that is not having a user-friendly interface and it becomes difficult to produce a good quality thing. So, happens when it comes to 2D animation. The software used for 2D animation is machine-friendly that is you don’t need heavy systems to access the 2D animation software.

4. Story focused:

The animated video should be story-focused so that the interest of the audience remains constant from start to finish. When working on 2D animated video here you will find that 2D animation is more story-focused rather than character and animation-focused.

From start to finish the story is designed in such a way that it helps in explaining exactly what is shown in the video or what message is conveyed in it.


Below mentioned are some of the cons of 2d animation:

1. Less in Demand

As 2D animation is considered as the traditional method in an animation style that is why it is less in demand and people are preferring more 3D animation. For example, if you want to roll a car this will take a lot of time in 2D animation as compared to 3D animation. You need to work on different angles, and this will automatically consume a lot of time.

2. Looks Boring

Sometimes traditional becomes boring. So, this is in the case of 2D animation. As is the traditional animation style, it is considered boring. You need to put a lot of effort into it and the technology used in it is quite outdated now.

3. Time Consuming

It is said that time is money, and you need to consider it as a priority. So, this 2D animation is not the right choice. You need to look for a lot of 2D animation templates that are particularly based on two-dimensional factors. Even if you want to simply swirl a person you need to do a lot of effort in it.


Want to experience the real world on your screen and promote your business through realistic experience. Then 3D animation is all your business needs now. 3D animation is explained as a type of animation which is working in a three-dimensional environment to give it a realistic look. Here are some of the pros and cons that are related to 3D animation.


Here are some of the pros of 3d animated video that you might not be knowing:

1. Motion Communication

When you are designing a video in 3D animation you are having more opportunities to create movements in it. The characters are a built-in 3D atmosphere, and it is easy to move the camera just like you are doing in the real world. Giving it a realistic look helps in redrawing each frame easily.

The animation is only difficult till the time you haven’t worked on your character. When you are done with your character the process will be quite quick, fast excluding the texturing and rendering step.

2. Appealing Visuals:

The visuals are quite appealing that is you experience the real world while watching it on the screen. The characters, background, and other things are designed in such a way that a user love watching them.

3. Less Time Consumption:

As compared to 2D animation the 3D animations are less time-consuming. You don’t need much time to work on the modeling of the 3D character. Sometimes you get pre-made templates that are quite easy to use.

4. Good Quality

Quality matters the most. When it comes to 3D animation it is the obvious thing you will be getting high-quality videos.

5. In Demand

Breaking the trend of 2D animation 3D animation is new in the video animation industry. People are more attracted to it because it is more engaging as compared to other animation types.


With pros, there are some of the cons as well which will help you in making the right decision about between 2d animation and 3d animation. Let’s jump into it:

1. Less Imagination

Sometimes it becomes tricky to design a 3D animated video. Having vast arrays of styles that can be easily created in 2D animation most of the time is not possible in 3D animation.

2. Complex

You are not working on a single element when it comes to 3D animation. The process is quite complicated as compared to the 2D animation. You need to work on different aspects where you model the character, animate the character, adding lightning in it and creating different textures, and many more before you want to get the final animated video.

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3. Expensive:

As 3D animation takes time and effort so the cost is sometimes high as well. It is not always that you are getting high rates for 3D animation but most of the time the rates are high as compared to the 2D animation.

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