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Selling a house is not an easy task, and using a brokerage service will ease the burden and save a lot of time.

The process of buying and selling a house through a realtor

Make a contract: If you have chosen a reliable home brokerage company, everyone has to go through the first step is making a contract with a broker. Most professional brokerage firms already have a standard form of contract. In addition, you have to read and verify all information is correct. It is recommended to add that Be sure to look at some of the contract terms. You have quoted as an example below because these issues may differ in detail depending on the agreement. And it’s a rather important issue. can affect the sale of your home directly

See if the Broker can arrange for the seller to sell the used house or plot of land to the buyer for a higher price than initially agreed upon. Does the seller agree to give the excess amount to the Broker? If the contract states that it belongs to the Broker, He will get the difference in full.

Sometimes the contract will state that the owner must appoint this Broker as the sole sales representative. It is forbidden for any other broker to be a sales representative. Within the specified time. This is a way to prevent the Broker from risking the owner or another broker cutting off. If you have no problem at this point, don’t worry.

Prepare all documents for the steps:

If you want good stuff at a chill price, you have to ‘work hard’ a lot to buy a second-hand house. There is no project staff to help facilitate the documents for applying for a home loan. All responsibility, therefore, rests with the home loan applicant solely. But I assure you that it’s not too hard to bear.

The primary step is to find a second-hand house that you like and agree on the price-contracting to buy and sell. This should include essential details such as price, deposit amount, and the deadline for the remaining payment, including an agreement on expenses such as transfer fees, Stamp duty, mortgage, etc., then collect documents for a home loan to contact the bank.

Anyone who may be afraid that they will fall due to lack of experience may use the services of a Luxury Listing Agents or a skilled real estate broker to provide advice and convenience have to be prepared that you are ready to pay in exchange for convenience.

get the price you want:

The Broker is knowledgeable in applying for loans and has a credit team of various financial institutions in Thailand to monitor and update the interest rates of each bank. And providing services to those interested in buying a second-hand house, especially The Broker, will take care of negotiating prices on both the buyer’s side, the seller, or even applying for bank loans, including handling various ownership transfers. This makes applying for loans from various financial institutions more convenient and faster

can choose the buyer himself:

More sales experience would know customers’ behavior very well. Brokers can analyze even new clients and have a persuasive approach. So, it’s no surprise that one realtor has a massive database of people looking for a home. Through analysis of real estate statistics by categorizing the group from people who are “interested in the house” to “real customers” who want to buy a second-hand house. So, if the buyer is negotiable, you can be sure that the Broker can handle it and pick the right buyer for you.

Save time / be independent:

Because selling a house each time must have time to sell. Whether it is a matter of Marketing, both online and offline coordination of negotiations When an interested buyer asks to view the house taking a tour of the house and documenting transactions, buyers can get the home they want and the price that matches the seller’s heart.

No more worrying about documents and procedures/reliability:

Don’t worry about contracting problems and procedures. In detail, Brokers have knowledge and understanding of sales contracts. The sales process is perfect. Therefore, each step, including taking care of credit applications transfer of ownership, Broker can Consult and represent you in negotiations. Very well.

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