Shortlisting personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia: Check these tips!

You suffered injuries in a freak accident in Philadelphia that wasn’t your fault. This could refer to a car accident or even a slip-and-fall injury. If you believe that the other party, who owed you a ‘duty of care’, was negligent, you could sue them for damages. In Pennsylvania, personal injury laws are meant to protect victims, but unfortunately, not many people get the justice they deserve. Regardless of the circumstances or the worth of your claim, it would help if you considered seeking legal representation. If you are having a tough time shortlisting Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys, here are some tips to consider. 

  1. Check online. A quick Google search can help you find potential personal injury law firms in your area. Almost all big and known law firms in Philadelphia have a website, and you can find details related to their attorneys and work profile. There are also many websites like Nolo and Avvo that can help you sort your options. It is advisable to have at least two to three names on your shortlist. Not all attorneys will have the intention or time to take your case. 
  2. Ask around. If you know people who have filed personal injury lawsuits in the past and have worked with lawyers, contact them for references. References can be handy because these are lawyers backed by your friends, colleagues, or acquaintances. Of course, you have to meet a lawyer in-person to determine if they are worth considering. 
  3. Find more through reviews. A client is more likely to post a review if they are disgruntled or dissatisfied with an attorney’s work. This is true for customers worldwide, no matter the kind of products or services. If you find that a law firm has too many bad reviews, it could be a potential red flag. 
  4. Consider the response. Did the personal injury lawyer respond immediately to your call? Lawyers are busy professionals, but their office is expected to be responsive and polite. You should be able to contact their office and get an appointment at the earliest. When you visit the lawyer’s office, check if the staff is cooperative and helpful. 

Finally, consider the comfort level you feel with an attorney when you meet them for your injury case evaluation. A good lawyer is expected to answer all your questions and offer a fair overview of the expected outcomes. Contact a lawyer soon after your accident for immediate assistance. 

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