Should Your Next Deer Rifle Be an AR-15? 

When it comes to hunting an animal that’s as fast and as elusive as a deer,  one thing that’s important is that you don’t miss your first shot. 

While watching your game running away is quite an annoying occurrence, seeing them charge your way is worse what’s even more annoying is if the said game charges at you. 

To prepare for either avoid such a terrible turn of events, what you may want to do is get a rifle with which here taking a follow-up shot doesn’t require mean having to perform an elaborate reloading ritual. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about using an AR-15 as your next hunting rifle. As you will see, this rifle has a lot of good things going for it and can be a fantastic rifle for hunting game as big as deer. 

Read on to learn more. 

Benefits of AR-15 Rifle 

While AR-15s aren’t that well-known for their large caliber damage that can kill anything in its path with ease, the .223 cartridge still brings enough power to the table to take down a whitetail. 

The thing is, as long as you stay within a reasonable range where this caliber is still effective, you can rest assured that an AR-15 will do the trick. 

Now, we’ll talk about ar 15 ammo in one of the passages below in more detail, so here are some of the benefits of using this rifle in terms of handling, accuracy, and some other important parameters: 

Semi-Automatic Fire 

First things first, as we said above, in case things go awry with your first shot, with a semi-automatic rifle, what you can do is simply take a couple more shots right after the initial one. 

Of course, you can always do this with a regular rifle, too.

That said, since AR-15 is made for automatic fire, firing these follow-up shots will feel more natural to you. 

Also, if you’re hunting deer during the mating season, when males are more aggressive, having an option to quickly discharge multiple shots can also be considered a safety feature. 


Largely thanks to its clever design, but also massive popularity, AR-15 rifles are endlessly customizable. 

not all customization kits and parts are created equal. Some are more of a flashy Counter Strike skin variety, while the others add real value to your every shot. 

Of course, these two kinds of attachments are not necessarily mutually exclusive. if you so desire, you can have an AR-15 that’s both decked out with impactful attachments on one hand, and some awesome visuals on the other. 

Some of the most important attachments you can add would include lasers, flashlights, as well as a foregrip. 

you can even buy entire customization kits nowadays online, so you can easily browse through a wide variety of parts that will allow you to make your AR-15 into whichever weapon you like. 

Whether it’s extra-large magazines, or angled handstops that have ergonomic properties, so you can handle this rifle more comfortably. 

Also, there’s a large selection of ambidextrous parts online, so lefties can have an easier time controlling this weapon, too. 


AR-15s are well-known and beloved for the ease with which you can handle and control them. 

The thing is, thanks to their low weight and the option to fit in a smaller, collapsible stock, this rifle can be a great option for those hunting trips where there’s a trek involved. 

The great news for anyone who’s interested in getting a low-weight version of this weapon is that thanks to the popularity of AR-15, you’ll be able to find customized parts in pretty much any gun store. 


Speaking of the devil, the AR-15’s popularity represents a truly massive asset for anyone considering buying this weapon for themselves. 

Whether you’re looking for customization kits, attachments, spare magazines, or more,  – you can rest assured that there are plenty of some AR parts always circulating somewhere in your vicinity. 

If you prefer toOf course, in case you want to shop comfortably from home, you can do that too.  – tThere are plenty of websites that sell AR-15 accessories, as well as ammo, which can be shipped to your doorstep at a reasonable price. whenever you like. (And at a reasonable price, too.


When it comes to different scenarios in which that you can use this weapon in, ARs are known for their wide range of application, so to speak. 

You can use this weapon to hunt most wild animals in the US and thanks to its shapeshifting ability that allows it to be used with different types of ammunition, you can see just how awesome this weapon can be. 

For the record, sSome of the ammo types that you can use withon this weapon would include 7.62x39mm, .300 blackout, 6.5 Grenel, amongnd many others. 

(If you want to use rounds such as .308, you will need a special AR-10 fitment. Of course, the great news about this is that finding one will be a piece of cake  – – whether you’re looking for it online or offline.

Disadvantages of AR-15

Even the coolest weapons are not perfect and have their fair share of downsides. 

With AR-15, it’s pretty safe to say that the advantages massively outweigh any shortcomings. That said, in this article, we still feel obliged to address some of the less favorable aspects of this weapon. 

Here are some of the disadvantages of AR-15 in more detail: 


While there’s nothing wrong with the appearance of an AR-15, one thing is certaintrue  –- it certainly does not look like your typical hunting rifle. 

Some people seem to be of the opinion that hunting rifles shouldn’t be automatic weapons that look like they came out of Counter Strike. 

That said, with more and more hunters embracing the AR-15 as their rifle of choice for hunting all kinds of game, it seems that this weapon is here to stay as a new hunting tool. 

At the end of the day, a rifle’s still a rifle. , so aAs long as you respect yourthe local hunting rules and regulations, the choice of the firearm and its aesthetics are up to you. 


Even though AR-15 is a pretty reliable rifle, one thing that needs to be addressed here is that by the fact alone that it’s an automatic weapon, you may experience some issues with jamming. 

Of course, this is not necessarily because the AR-15 is faulty., but because aAny machine that is complex and has multiple moving parts has an increased likelihood of failure, too. 

Some of the failures you may experience while using an AR-15 mightwould include double feeding, failure to extract, and failure to feed, for example. 

While these are not necessarily too difficult to resolve, having a gun get jammed in the middle of a forest can be an annoying occurrence. 


All in all, AR-15 represents one of the most popular semi-automatic rifles in the US  – – and for a good reason. They are easy to use, can be modified to fire different rounds, are quite lightweight, and not that difficult to clean. 

Add to that the fact that they are pretty much endlessly customizable and you can see why using an AR-15 is an attractive option for the modern huntercan be a great hunting weapon that you will never get bored of. 

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