Slip and Fall Accidents in Jersey City: Who Should be Responsible for Your Injuries?

Property owners may be responsible for injuries sustained by people who slip and fall on their property. In personal injury cases, determining liability is a major element. Many people sustained injuries after tripping, slipping, and falling on icy sidewalks, and uneven floors. Sometimes, the manager or the owner of the property may be liable if they were aware of the situation before and failed to fix or deal with the hazard. People can slip and fall in department stores, hotels, people’s homes, and shopping malls. If you sustained injuries in a commercial space such as a mall or store, you may be able to sue the business. You must check out the personal injury FAQ to ensure you make informed decisions. If the slip and fall accident happened in your workplace, you can file a workers’ compensation claim to get compensation for your injuries. An attorney can help you fight for your right to compensation and collect the evidence necessary to prove your claim.  

Determining Responsibility

Slip and fall accidents that result from dangerous conditions on a person’s property are covered by premises liability law. To hold the owner of the property responsible for the injuries you sustained, they should be aware of the dangerous condition and didn’t try to correct it.  Also, the owner of the property created dangerous conditions which resulted in the accident. 

When determining liability, judges and juries consider whether the property owner makes regular efforts to ensure the safety, cleanliness, and compliance of their property. Other factors to be considered include how long the condition had existed, whether the owner took action to remedy the condition, and whether the victim contributed to the action by not being careful in their actions. 

How Much Compensation You May Get

The compensation the liable party owes the victim depends on the damages sustained, including the cost of medical bills, lost income, and pain-related costs. While it is easy to calculate your economic damages with medical bills and documentation of your missed work, calculating pain and suffering can be challenging. You may settle your case without going to court and negotiate a reasonable amount for your pain and suffering. If you take your case to court, the jury or judge will assign a value for the pain in the award, if you win. Each slip and fall case is unique; however, generally, you will have greater compensation for your pain and suffering if you sustained serious injuries that significantly affect your life. 

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