Three Examples Of Workers’ Comp Fraud 

When people hear the term “workers’ compensation fraud,” they usually think of employees making false claims to get their hands on the insurance money. However, workers’ comp fraud can be perpetrated by the worker, insurance provider, and the employer. Any of these parties can commit fraud and try to take advantage of the benefits. 

Fraud comprises filing multiple claims, faking injuries, misreporting your income, and providing false information about an injury. An Orlando workers compensation attorney can help educate you on the topic and prevent you from making mistakes that can ruin your claim. 

Examples of workers’ comp fraud 

  • Exaggerating symptoms. 

The exaggeration of symptoms is the most common fraud carried out by the workers. When you report a workplace injury, making the report as accurate as possible is essential. You should not enter any misinformation, at least not intentionally. For example, it is fraud if you exaggerate your injuries to get out of work when you can go to work. 

It is recommended to refrain from doing such activities because the truth eventually comes out. A court-authorized medical professional will be assigned to your claim, and in case of the professional medical finds you exaggerate your injuries, you can land in trouble solonvet

  • Faking medical expenses. 

Sometimes corrupted medical professionals also sail in the boat of fraud to get higher money. Medical professionals will prepare higher medical bills than the actual value to claim a more elevated amount from the compensation. In most cases, the victim and the doctors work hand-in-hand to obtain higher compensation. However, they fail to realize that the bills may get caught during the investigation, resulting in severe consequences dseklms

  • Repetitive claims. 

Another situation that triggers a workers’ compensation fraud alert is repetitively filing a claim. Often, workers’ are aware of the benefits they will attain by filing a claim. Therefore, they tend to blend all the fraud situations above and file claims repeatedly. However, it also has a perk. For example, suppose a worker is filing a claim repeatedly. In that case, the insurance company may view it as a fault in the working environment, eventually making the claim of the company weaker against the employee. 

Despite the increasing fraud and employees becoming greedy to get compensation, the insurance company and the employer will not grant compensation just because the employee has filed a claim. A thorough investigation is conducted to determine the severity and cross-check your given evidence. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to avoid committing fraud as it can have legal consequences and affect your septuplets mccaughey father died overall life.

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