Top Wellness Trends Of The Year 2021

As years pass by, a healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. It is no longer fashionable to smoke or drink alcohol. Moreover, balanced nutrition systems and sports have replaced the disorderly omnipotence and strict diets. Let’s talk about which wellness trends are hot in 2021?

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Health And Beauty Trends Of 2021

The below mentioned wellness trends have been popular in 2021 and might also stay popular even in 2022.

1. Intuitive Nutrition And Body Positivity

Many modern nutritionists advise leaving dietary thinking and not dividing foods into harmful and healthy categories. Instead of counting calories, it is better to listen to the body and reconsider the relationship with food.

Attention to the body is the ability to recognize the signals of hunger and satiety, choosing the food that you really like. An increasing number of women and men are learning to accept themselves as they are, without looking back at fashion and beauty standards in society.

The main idea of ​​body positivity is to value your individuality, take care of your health and enjoy life here and now. The beauty industry has also started to move towards body positivity. There are ideas in the air that anti-aging injections are not a panacea, and in fact, you can age beautifully.

2. Detox With Kombucha

The familiar kombucha, which many of our compatriots grow in three-liter jars in their kitchens, has become, perhaps, the most fashionable trend in proper nutrition in Europe and the United States. It is called kombucha and is sold in all supermarkets, while the drinks are enriched with berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices – for every taste.

This drink improves the functioning of the digestive system and destroys pathogenic microflora, removes toxins, and has a beneficial effect on the liver. It is a powerful antioxidant and prevents the development of many diseases.

When a healthy lifestyle boom began in America, cola and energy drinks in huge refrigerators gave way to clean water, juices, and kombucha. Many people have no idea how to get through the day if they haven’t drunk a bottle of this health elixir.

3. Abandoning Alcohol

In 2020, drinking alcohol is no longer considered cool or fashionable. Many people gave up alcohol addiction for a healthier lifestyle. Experts believe that this trend will be carried to 2022, too, as many people have become conscious about their health.

Besides, asking for help for addiction problems is no longer taboo. More and more people are taking support from professionals to give up this bad habit. Moreover, self-care programs for people who look after addicts are also gaining popularity.

4. Online Training

In the Internet age, you don’t have to go to a fitness club and pay money to a personal trainer. Online training is much cheaper than club membership, and you can train at any time of the day. However, you can find free sites that offer sports programs for people with different skill levels. On the Internet platforms, strength training and cardio exercises, exercises with a ball and other sports equipment, yoga, Pilates, circuit training, and many other types of fitness are available.

A special program helps to create an individual schedule and find the right load. Here you can find a variety of information and lectures on exercise technique, nutrition, and breathing, as well as keep a training diary. The most popular are sites like Muscle & Strength,, Free Trainers, Fitnessblender, Fatcatworkout, and BodyRockTV.

5. Braids And Pigtails

The trending hairstyle is quite simple – it braids and plaits of all sizes and shapes. You can make a romantic braiding around the head in the style of a Turgenev girl or braid thin braids from the bangs and then collect the hair in a ponytail along with braids. Thin undercut braids going down from the temple behind the ear, is also a trending look.

For this, you need to create a light volume of the hair, throw it to one side, braid a messy pigtail and secure it with an elastic band. If you’re thinking about trimming your hair, wait a minute – the classic long braid will be the hit of the season.

6. Diet For The Brain

Until recently, the main concern of all healthy people was a healthy stomach and intestines. And now, dietary supplements and products that strengthen memory and increase efficiency have become fashionable. Seafood, which contains omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, and phosphorus, rejuvenates the brain, reduces fatigue, and prevents Alzheimer’s disease.

Eggs contain choline, which feeds brain neurons; milk is rich in the antioxidant glutathione, which slows down the aging of brain cells; and whole grains contain vitamin B6, which is called the memory vitamin. Including nuts, herbs, berries, dried fruits, cold-pressed vegetable oils, dark chocolate, ginger, lemon, garlic, natural coffee are all popular diets for the brain.

7. Meditation Against Stress

In the information age, stress and depression are common as life has become hectic. That is why psychotherapists and spiritual teachers advise meditating, and it is a popular trend of 2021. Meditation relieves tension and drives away the anxiety, worries, and fears that inevitably appear in the process of struggle for existence. This method of coping with psychological problems is considered one of the most powerful and effective.

In addition, meditation increases the concentration of gray matter in the brain, develops the ability to act in stressful situations, gives mental strength, relieves pain, improves health and mood, and also leads to awareness, which is the threshold of happiness. There are different meditation techniques – contemplation of the flame of a candle, concentration on the mantra, chakras, or pranayama.

Summing Up

In this article, we mentioned the top wellness trends of 2021. Wellness trends don’t let you get bored with a healthy lifestyle and also keeps you in good shape. These trends can help you change your lifestyle too.

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