Unsafe Roads Are the Reason for Car Accidents in Houston 

We hear several accidents occurring every day. Though most of them happen due to driver’s negligence, speeding, distraction, etc., some may happen due to bad road conditions. Accidents due to poor road conditions may end up severely injuring people in the vehicle and the pedestrians too. Further, the insurance company will also try to blame the driver instead of the government official. During those times, you need a powerful and experienced accident injury attorney who can fight on your behalf legally. 

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Road Conditions That Can Lead to Accidents:

Below mentioned are some of the bad road condition that causes car accidents:

  • Potholes: 

Potholes are one of the top causes of road accidents. Potholes are nothing but round deep holes on the road caused due to heavy traffic. Huge vehicles like buses, tractors, heavily loaded trucks, etc., are also the reason for the formation of potholes. During rainy days, these potholes are filled with water and the driver may not see it properly. They might hit the pothole and may lose control.

  • Missing barriers and guardrails: 

To avoid any collusion and separate vehicles from the opposite direction, the government installs barriers and guardrails. However, improper placement of such barriers and guardrails may cause serious accidents. 

  • Confusing or missing road signs:

Road signs like speed limit, stop sign, accident zone, etc., play a vital role as they communicate information to the driver. If there are no proper road signs or if they are confusing then the driver may not get an appropriate signal. This increases the risk of accidents. 

  • Bad weather:

Poor weather conditions like heavy snowfall may make the road slippery. The road can be safe if cleaned on time. However, if ignored it may cause accidents as the driver may lose control due to slippery roads.

  • Unsafe worksites:

Road construction and maintenance may keep happening. The officials need to install necessary signs, cones, etc. so that the driver can drive slowly and safely in that particular area. However, there can be a high chance of accidents if such signs are missing. 

Government is liable for any injury or death caused due to poor road conditions. However, filing a claim against the government is more complicated. Therefore, you need to hire an accident injury attorney to fight for your rights.

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