Unusual But True Reasons For Divorce

There are uncountable reasons why a person may want to divorce their spouse, affairs being one of the most common. Nearly half of the marriages in America end in a divorce. Some of them have common reasons like cheating, financial issues, and growing apart. However, some issues can be stranger than others. 

If you are thinking of a divorce but do not know whether your reason is valid, learning about the various unusual reasons people have filed for divorce may take you by surprise. Contact a Salt Lake City divorce attorney for information related to a legal divorce. 

Unusual reasons people have filed for divorce

  • Your commute is lengthy.

A Swedish study found that 14% of couples where one or both parties had long commutes were more likely to divorce than the 10% of couples who worked closer to their home. It is seen that various couples have filed for divorce because of missing spending quality time together due to traffic. The study also found that you are more likely to divorce if your commute is 45 minutes or more. 

  • You have different sexual preferences. 

Having a healthy sexual relationship is one of the pillars to strengthening your marriage. Having different sexual preferences and desires can often lead to conflicts that may seem small at first but can significantly affect your physical relationship. Many couples get divorced when their sexual needs are not met for a long time. Some of these marriages also end due to cheating. 

  • People around you are getting a divorce. 

Do not underestimate the power of your friends’ influence on you. When your friends are getting married and having babies, you start thinking about doing these things too, and the same thing happens with a divorce. As ridiculous as it may sound, various studies have shown that if someone close to you is getting a divorce, your chances of getting a divorce increase by 33%. 

  • You drink more than your partner. 

You do not need to have a severe drinking problem for your spouse to leave you. It is now found that if you drink more than your spouse, your chances of divorce start increasing day by day. Couples that do not drink at all or drink the same amount do not seem to have this issue. 

  • You are a busy doctor. 

This may come off as surprising because doctors are generally praised and earn a lot of money. However, with money comes a lot of responsibility and time investment. Studies found that if you are a busy doctor who cannot give enough time at home, your spouse may file for divorce. Female doctors and health care workers working 40 hours per week had higher divorce rates. 

Marriage problems can come in various forms, not just those you see on TV or among your friends. If you need expert advice regarding your divorce, consult an attorney today. 

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