Veritas Global Protection Plans Give Drivers Peace of Mind

Reliability is the gold standard. Good looks may turn heads, but reliability keeps people loyal to certain brands. This is true for cars as it is with other products. 

Drivers want a vehicle that they can depend on every day. After all, it’s not that easy to replace problematic cars because of their high price. 

Drivers also want a vehicle protection plan that will be there when they need help. Breakdowns can happen when you least expect them. Veritas Global Protection plans create peace of mind for drivers by showing up in difficult times. 

Global Coverage

As the name implies, Veritas Global Protection is an international company with a large footprint worldwide. It serves more than 30 countries around the world across different continents. 

In North America, Veritas Global Protection has offices in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. In South America, it offers vehicle protection plan options for Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. 

In Europe, it has gradually widened its reach from the United Kingdom to Poland and Italy to Sweden. Note that the contracts sold in the United States will only cover repairs within the United States and Canada.  

The Start of Veritas Global Protection

The company that became Veritas Global Protection started in 2011 through the efforts of Elijah Norton. He began with only two employees in Overland Park, Kansas. 

Despite humble beginnings, Elijah Norton had big dreams and a firm resolve to chase them. He wanted to disrupt an industry stagnating for so long with innovative solutions and excellent customer service. 

He and his staff worked hard to turn their vision into reality for the next few years. The staff grew to more than 50 people in only eight years, while the annual revenue shot up to $50 million. 

Throughout this remarkable ascent, Veritas Global Protection served thousands of customers and paid out millions of dollars in claims. The company also moved its headquarters to a more strategic location in Phoenix, Arizona. 

The rapid growth may be attributed to persistent hunger for innovation when creating vehicle protection plan contracts and solutions. Many of the large dealer groups took notice and became business partners. These exceptional plans have proven to be a hit in the industry.

No Customer Left Behind

It’s all about reputation. Veritas Global Protection has been careful to cultivate a good impression throughout its decade-long existence. 

It is not easy with all the challenges in any business, but the company persevered and was duly rewarded. With each interaction, it strives to provide the best possible service to its clients and customers. 

The staff responds quickly through rapid evaluation and communication whenever claims come in. It reduces anxiety while increasing clarity and confidence. 

Whenever clients have problems, Veritas Global Protection listens and offers viable solutions. No one is left behind with this company.  

Find the Vehicle Protection Plan Right for You

A picture of the interior of a Bentley, one of the exotic vehicle protection plans offered by Veritas Global Protection.

Veritas Global Protection lets customers choose among several plans to fit their needs. For example, they can get an Essentials Plan to cover the cost of the most expensive vehicle components. 

It protects people from sudden expenses with a liability limit of $7,500 for engine and transmission repairs. The rates are among the lowest in the industry. 

The perks include free towing, roadside assistance, rental car, and travel expense reimbursement. It is excellent value for money. Different term options are available with short-term and nine months and long-term plans going from one to five years. 

Most vehicle protection plans are focused on general commuting cars since those are what most people drive. However, these contracts are often inadequate for luxury cars with a hefty price tag. 

Exotic vehicles require much higher liability limits because of the higher cost of repairs. Veritas Global Protection understands this concern among owners. That is why the company came up with its exotic vehicle protection plans. 

These can provide peace of mind if you have a valuable sports car, a rare model, a classic car, etc. These plans have you covered whether you have a Bentley or a Ferrari. 

There is indeed a plan for everyone with Veritas Global Protection. No matter what car you drive or your budget for vehicle protection plans, you will find something suitable among their list of products and services. 

Taking Care of Customers

The best thing about the company is that it has proven itself over the past decade as a reliable business partner. Clients know that they can count on Veritas Global Protection when times are hard. 

It is the most responsive player in the industry. It honors its commitments and follows through with its promises. It is a great communicator that respects other people’s time and effort. 

With Veritas Global Protection, what you see is what you get. The company believes in transparency and honesty. It tells people what they need to know, no matter how complicated the situation. 

The truth may not always be pleasant, but it’s always helpful and relevant. Armed with the correct information, drivers are empowered to make the right decision. 

Veritas Global Protection is far from perfect, but it strives to improve self-awareness. It’s also quick to admit mistakes because it leads to immediate correction. This part of the company’s culture is one of the secrets to its growth. 

In a competitive industry, no company can afford to be complacent. Veritas Global Protection knows this, so it continues to innovate with its internal operations and product offerings.

Through constant refinement, the company never ceases to move forward and push boundaries for the sake of its customers.

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