What is NEBOSH, and why are people doing it?

Today, technology is developing at an unprecedented rate. The world infrastructure is constantly growing like a tree. Think about it, a hundred years ago from today; nobody would’ve thought that cars would be such an ordinary possession that would be recognized as a necessity. High-rise buildings were entirely a product of people’s imaginations. But look at the world today.

The first inventions were quite shabby, and the standard was relatively low. However, as technology becomes more sophisticated, the standard for development grows. Health and safety are now a crucial part of development. So much, so that entire multi-billion dollar projects have been rejected because of it.

The importance of NEBOSH

NEBOSH stands for National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health. It is a UK-based course that provides a qualification in workplace health and safety. The course curriculum is highly diverse and suited to an individual’s particular field. Almost every field has a standard for maintaining the health and safety of its employees.

NEBOSH is now a cherry on top in resumes. Most people in Pakistan are seeking employment outside the country. This is why you can now find its courses at Nebosh in Rawalpindi. This exam gives the Pakistani workforce an extra skill to outshine job-seekers from other countries.

The pattern of the exam

NEBOSH is a particularly tough exam to prepare for. An average student has to prepare rigorously for months on end to achieve the qualification. This means that having this qualification on your CV showcases the knowledge you obtain from the course and is an indication of a hardworking and determined personality. Employers are on the constant lookout for these skills in employees.

NEBOSH is also an extremely diverse course. The main idea is behind health and safety regulations. This kind of topic can be covered in many fields. For example, how to main health and safety in an airforce ground or a construction site. The course is fragmented enough for students to personalize it to their own preferences and suit their career needs.

A recent requirement has grown in the construction industry, where health and safety standards constantly increase to prevent accidents.


NEBOSH is certainly a priceless qualification to have on your CV. Without a doubt, having such a qualification will make you stand out in a crowd from other job-seekers and particularly help in getting a job outside Pakistan.

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