What is Thrush and How to Treat it?

An important thing to know about the thrush condition is that it is a quite common yeast infection that mostly occurs in women due to the overgrowth of the candida fungus. Even tho the condition is harmless, its symptoms could cause discomfort. Therefore, to know better what thrush is, this article provides an insight into the nature of thrush and answers the most common questions related to the condition.

What is Thrush?

As mentioned above, thrush is a condition that refers to the overgrowth of the candida fungus occurring in different forms on your body, leaving irritated spots. One of the most occurring types of thrush is genital thrush which occurs in private areas of both men and women. Also, oral thrush is also common, caused by immunodeficiency in babies and older or unhealthy adults, specifically on your tongue or mouth. Also, areas that are suitable for bacteria growth like armpits or groin are also common.

However, this article will focus on the two most common types – oral and genital thrush.

What are the Causes of Thrush?

The key cause of both thrush conditions is the excessive growth of candida fungus in moist conditions. Specifically for the genital thrust, even though it could be transmitted through sex, it is not classed as an STI. The most common causes of the thrush are:

  • Using chemical and perfumed bathing products
  • Changes in hormones in women
  • Excessive moisture in genital area after washing
  • Underlying health conditions like diabetes or obesity

The same bacteria growth causes mouth thrush, with more than 75% of the population harbouring Candida Albicans which is considered to be the most common cause of thrush. The other causes could include:

  • Babies’ immune systems are immature so may not be able to regulate candida levels
  • Using inhalers for asthma or receiving treatment for cancer such as chemotherapy
  • Taking antibiotics, or breastfeeding your baby if you’ve recently been on antibiotics

Who is Prone to Thrush and How Common is it?

Even though Thrush is commonly linked to a condition in women, it also occurs in men. Women genital thrust is very common while men genital thrush is a less common experience.  Furthermore, when it comes to oral thrush, it usually occurs in infants who are younger than 6 months or older adults, especially with dentures. With that in mind, oral thrush can still occur in any gender at any age

In terms of how common the condition is, more than 75% of UK women experience genital thrush at least once in their life, while half of this figure get the condition more than once. Male genital thrush is significantly less common, however.

How to Cure Thrush?

Even though there is no cure for thrush that will stop it from reoccurring, antifungal treatments can help to quickly treat the condition. The nature of the condition usually involves repeated thrush outbreaks and the best way to handle them is to treat the observed symptoms while they last, maybe a bit longer once the symptoms are gone. The only sure way to get rid of it is to visit your Calgary orthodontist or other oral health professional, however there are other available remedies as well.

The treatments of thrush include:


Fluconazole is an oral treatment that can help to reduce and heal all symptoms within only two days. The key element in fluconazole disrupts the product of ergosterol that is the component of fungal cell growth. As a result, it stops the overgrowth of candida and brings back the natural balance of bacteria. This is a very simple, efficient and clinically proven treatment that can be easily taken once a day


The key ingredient of miconazole kills the fungal cells by making holes in their membranes, stopping the infection at its roots. These usually come in a form of a gel and are usually applied to the affected areas for 7 days, stopping the infection.


This effective antifungal medication is mainly aimed at treating genital thrush. These tend to include popular brands like Canesten which provide efficient thrush relief. These products come in various shapes and forms, depending on the severity and the type of thrush.

For example, you combine the use of Clotrimazole topical treatment with Fluconazole thrush tablets to most effectively fight the genital thrush infection, which is conveniently available in this Canesten Thrush Duo combination treatment.

Preventative Measures

You can also utilise some lifestyle adjustments to reduce the risk of this condition,  especially if thrush is experienced more than once. To help prevent oral thrush, make sure to do the following:

  • Take good care of your teeth and oral hygiene. Brush twice per day and brush your gums and tongue with a soft brush
  • Clean your dentures regularly, and do not wear them at night
  • Do not smoke

To prevent genital thrush, make sure to do the following:

  • Wear loose-fitting underwear made from natural fibres.
  • Make sure your genital area has a chance to fully dry after washing.
  • Use non-perfumed, pH-balanced body wash..

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