What to Do if the Official Police Report for Your Spokane Car Accident Contains Wrong Information?

Following a serious car accident in Spokane, law enforcement will arrive at the scene to create a police report. You will need this report when you file an accident claim against the driver who caused the accident and injuries. The police report contains crucial information such as accident details, date and location of the crash, property damage, witness statements, ticket issuance or arrest, as well as the contact information of all parties involved. However, what if the report contains wrong information? In this case, a Spokane car accident lawyer can help you collect solid evidence that proves the information is wrong.  

Police officers who responded to your accident may have conflict stories you may need to sort through as you are in a tough situation. Regardless of the error on their report, you must at as soon as possible. You must provide information supported by documentation to convince the officer to correct the wrong information in the report. 

Reasons You Should Not Ignore an Incorrect Police Report

Because the official report contains important information that can support or dispute your claim, you want to ensure it contains accurate facts. Police officers are neutral parties who consider your situation based on professionalism. The office report carries weight and can be used by an insurance company as a starting point when investigating your accident. 

If you have been wrongly ticketed or arrested after the police got your situation wrong, you must go through the criminal process to defend yourself and fight the ticket. Ignoring the ticket issued can result in the insurance company blaming you for the cash. When this happens, you may get very little or nothing from the company. 

Even if the police report contains just simple errors, any error that can make you look liable for the crash can ruin your claim. But you can still have the report corrected and your attorney can perform investigations to establish why and how the report is wrong.

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Correcting the Police Report

If the police report contains wrong information, act right away to fix it while it is still possible. Talk with your attorney, so they can communicate with the officer in charge and ask for the report to be corrected. When you are making the request yourself, ensure you do it politely and professionally. Also, you need to give additional information like your insurance details and your car’s registration. When you request for the correction to be done, do it calmly and ask the officer directly.

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