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Selling is a complex topic. And an extremely significant issue for any company that seeks not only to earn the necessary funds for its existence, but also for growth and development. Terminology plays an important role – after all, you need to know what you plan to do, right?

In this article we will analyze the main sales titles and where to find even more related information if you need it. Is your B2B experiencing problems you can’t solve on your own? Or where can you get proper help? Enjoy the article, it will answer all your questions.

Key positions in sales

Let’s go in order. To begin with, it is still worth explaining what B2B sales is. As obvious as it may be. B2B also means business-to-business sales. This is not the same as B2C or business-to-customer. B2C sells its products directly to the end user. For example, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Microsoft are B2C. B2B sells its products and services to other businesses that need it. Again, Microsoft can be attributed here – they sell services not only to users but also to other businesses. B2B products are created by FedEx, Oracle, and many other companies. As it has already become clear, for a huge number of companies it is common to be both B2B and B2C for even more profit.

Let’s look at the main positions related to the field of sales:

  1. Sales Executive – This position involves plenty of communication. The person in this position is constantly making calls and meetings and is responsible for bringing the case to a sale.
  2. Market Development Manager – In the simplest terms, a manager in this position must constantly look for new opportunities to sell the company’s products and services.
  3. Sales Coordinator is one of the most significant positions in any company. A partial list of this manager’s responsibilities includes preparing the marketing budget, managing the sales staff, making sure the company complies with marketing laws, overseeing customer orders, maintaining B2B sales records and reporting, and more.
  4. Inside Sales Representative – simply put, this manager is responsible for achieving the company’s goals of growing revenue and attracting more customers. The main task of this manager is to communicate with customers, both those who agree to purchase and potential customers who have not yet decided.
  5. Head of Sales – the main position in the company’s sales department. The main task is to oversee all sales activities, monitor and analyze the performance of sales teams and of course manage the entire sales department as such. His responsibilities also include: analysis of market behavior, analysis of customer behavior patterns and building an effective sales strategy based on the analysis.

This is not a complete list of all positions and concepts related to sales. Where can you find more detailed information? Let’s talk about this in more detail.

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