Why Must You Take Quick Legal Action After Being In A Car Accident? 

A car accident can have devastating consequences on your life. They can be caused by several reasons such as drunk driving, distracted driving, overspeeding, and weather conditions. Victims of such accidents have to cope with significant changes in their lives. The personal injury law protects them and enables them to seek compensation for their damages from negligent parties. 

However, the victim must take quick action. The legal process to file a claim and receive the compensation you deserve is complex and exhausting. You must consult an experienced Gresham car accident attorney that helps you understand what you must do to ensure that you receive fair and adequate compensation. 

What is the statute of limitations?

After you have been in a car accident, you have to adhere to a specific guideline set by your state within which you can initiate legal proceedings to seek compensation. The time period is referred to as the statute of limitations. Every state has different regulations. In Oregon, the victim can file for compensation within two years of the date of the accident and under no circumstances more than ten years after the crash. 

What if you do not file for compensation within the specified time limit?

The state of Oregon has made provisions for special circumstances such as wrongful death as a result of the accident when the statute of limitations is extended to 3 years. When the lawsuit is only for seeking compensation for vehicle damage, it is extended to 6 years. However, if your situation is normal and you wait too long to file your claim, it will likely get dismissed, and you will be unable to seek any compensation. 

What is the risk of waiting to file for compensation? 

Evidence plays a crucial role in determining the other party’s negligence and your damages. Waiting to take legal action can lead to losing important evidence that could have been used to help you seek a higher claim. 

The damages suffered in a car accident are excessive. Without compensation, you are responsible for all incurred medical and property expenses. You are also unable to recover your lost wages. It can risk your financial security and strain your finances. Consulting a qualified lawyer in Gresham immediately after your accident can help you begin the legal process early and do not have to face such risks. 

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