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Summer is coming which means the weather will be getting hotter day by day. With that being said many people are putting off getting their air conditioning serviced until they can’t take it anymore and need to get it done before the heat becomes too unbearable.

However, is that truly the best time for you to get your air conditioner serviced? While there may not be a perfect answer for this question we do know that getting your air conditioning unit serviced in Singapore by SoCool.sg at least once a year will help extend its life and ensures that you are receiving quality results. Here is why:

  • Air Conditioners Require Maintenance – The truth of the matter is no matter how expensive or cheap your air conditioner is it still requires some level of maintenance. By servicing your unit on an annual basis you are allowing yourself to stay ahead of any potential problems that may arise.
  • Keep Cool This Summer – While the main reason for getting your air conditioner serviced is to ensure that it will last you through the summer, there are other benefits to it as well. By getting your unit serviced now you can be sure to stay cool all year round without having to worry about any potential problems in the future.
  • Prevent Breakdowns Now – It is never fun to have an air conditioning system in Singapore break down in the middle of a long hot summer day. However, if you have had your unit inspected at least once a year by SoCool.sg, this type of catastrophe could easily be prevented.

When Should I Get My Air Conditioner Serviced?

How often should you get your air conditioner serviced in Singapore? The best answer to this question is once a year. While you can technically get it serviced any time of the year, we suggest that you wait until things start getting hot and then give us a call and SoCool.sg staff will come and service your unit before the heat becomes unbearable.

This way we can ensure that our technicians arrive, check out your system and address any problems that need to be fixed all when the temperature is still tolerable which means there won’t be any down time for your unit during the summer. At SoCool, we offer a number of different services designed to keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly for years to come. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Annual Air Conditioner Cleaning – If you want to make sure your air conditioner is running at its best it is important to make sure that it runs clean. A professional cleaning service will ensure that all the dirt, dust and debris are removed from the unit’s ventilation which means that your system won’t have to work as hard to get rid of excess heat and humidity which also means less wear and tear on the unit.

Additionally we can inspect your ducts while we deep clean your AC to make sure there isn’t any mold or mildew growth in them which could cause serious health risks during the summer if unchecked.

  • Unit Replacement – While a good air conditioner will last you a long time if your unit is older than 10 years it may be time to consider a replacement. We offer a number of different brands and styles of air conditioning units which can make it easy for you to get your replacement done quickly and easily.

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