Why the Packaging Matters for Your Snacks

After you have done the hard work of creating a new and tasty snack, you want to make sure your packaging is up to the task. Poor packaging can hurt a product’s prospects, while excellent packaging can help it reach its potential and more. Mylar bags, for example, will keep your product fresh and tasty for a long time. They are durable and they protect snack foods from the outside environment.

This is important because you want your customers, both new and existing, to always get your product at its best. This allows them to enjoy the flavors you have designed and creates a long-lasting positive impression. Additionally, you want the snacks to stay fresh after they have been opened, so resealable packaging is critical, too.

The attractiveness of your food packaging plays a role in attracting and maintaining your customers. Appealing colors help, but you also have an opportunity to tell an intriguing story about your product. When done right, packaging can spell the difference between success and failure.

How Packaging Has an Effect on Your Food Quality

It is important that food packaging is odor and moisture-resistant. High barrier films create an air-tight enclosure, keeping food smells from exiting the bag while preventing moisture and oxygen from entering. This maintains the quality of the product while preserving the flavor. With custom Mylar packaging you have access to many options and features:

  • Child-resistant options
  • Sustainability features
  • Anti-counterfeit packaging
  • Resealable closures
  • Size and presentation choices

With stand up pouches, the packaging always has a premium look and feel and shows off the product to its best advantage. Employing digital printing technology that uses photo-quality technology, the packaging helps the product stand out on the shelf. The durable structure of Mylar makes this packaging suitable for a range of food products as well as cosmetics, supplements and medicinals.

In addition to the professional nature of custom packaging, you also get unprecedented flexibility in orders. You get the packaging quickly, in as little as two weeks, and can make low minimum orders and short runs. All of this saves your company capital while producing packaging with strong visual appeal and sustainability.

The Types Of Packaging for Food Sustainability

Whether your primary goal is child proof packaging or superior freshness for food, you still can protect the planet. You have options to use recyclable polyethylene films, post-consumer recycled films and compostable films. All of these put fewer materials and chemicals into the environment.

By having the capability to only order the packaging you need, you can reduce waste and energy usage. The production process also cuts down on impact by using sustainable printing inks and solventless lamination. This limits every breathing creature’s exposure to hazardous air pollutants and volatile organic compounds.

The truth is packaging matters in so many ways. If you are a small company just starting out, you can now compete with larger corporations when it comes to the quality of your packaging. Find out how you can showcase your product in the best light possible.

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