2022’s Very Best Aftermarket Wheels for SUVs and Trucks: Listed!

Each year, the number of options we have at our disposal when it comes to off road wheels is increasing in number. The reason is actually quite simple: people have come to admire these custom wheels as not only aesthetically pleasing but also very efficient for driving on nearly any surface you can conjure up.

Most of the wheels for cars that we purchase for everyday use are also manufactured by the same companies which make top-tier rims and tires for bigger and heavier vehicles.

Brands such as Blaque Diamond Wheels have become household names.

Hence, it stands to reason that all of the major manufacturers upgrade their collections at least once every year to maintain that degree of innovation that attracts existing and potential customers.

So, which are the best rims for off-road use this year? Which brands are going places? Let’s have a look.

2022’s best off-road rims and tires

2022 has seen several big-budget launches which have taken the industry by storm. The trend of oversized wheels continues, as does the demand for chrome and metallic finishes.

These are the best wheels for cars and trucks money can buy right now!

1. American Racing AR172 Baja

How can any list of aftermarket wheels be complete without at least one model of American Racing Wheels? This grand old giant of the industry is still going strong. With the AR172 Baja, it has produced yet another masterpiece, a work of art and engineering of the highest order .

If you are planning to hit the unpaved and unforgiving terrain, but with a strong dash of style, this is perhaps the perfect set of off-road rims. The company has also launched smaller models (15 to 17-inches) because insiders suggest that American Racing is looking to consolidate its markets in the trucks/heavy vehicles niche and also wants to regain its former glory as manufacturers of the finest wheels for cars.

It should not be too difficult if the AR172 Baja is anything to go by. The cast aluminum reduces weight but not one portion of the agility. The Satin Black finish will add that aggressive but sophisticated look to your Jeeps and Land Rovers.

What’s more, these wheels come with a lifetime warranty on their structural integrity. There’s also a 1-year warranty on peeling or damage to the surface.

Coupled with the center cap (though we do miss the lug nuts), the AR172 Baja range are probably the best off-road rims and tires of 2022 .

It is also the best performer amongst all of its peers.

  1. KMC XD820 Grenade: KMC Wheels is another extremely close rival to Blaque Diamond Wheels and all of the bigger players of the market. The new XD820 has probably been named after a certain amount of thought: it certainly is a stun grenade!

This is the latest member of the XD range where each model is forged from aluminum monoblocks, meaning that the family is filled with off-road specialists that will also perform splendidly on suburban roads.

Starting off at 16-inches and going all the way up to 22-inches, there is clearly a specific thought process that KMC seems to be indicating. It’s saying that while we are fine coming in second or third to bigger brands, we are no longer willing to be pushovers.

And the XD820 Grenade is ample proof. You can use it on almost every SUV in the American market because of the sheer size chart. Besides, there is a lifetime structural warranty a la the former entry.

If you are planning to turn heads, try out the red and black color combination which has just been launched. They look spectacular!

  1. Blaque Diamond 0801: While it is certainly true that this is a brand that still has some distance to go, the company is slowly but surely accelerating. With the latest off-road model, the 0801, Blaque Diamond Wheels are winning over several fans of aftermarket luxury rims .

The 0801 is still to be fully unveiled but we do know it is a flow-formed rim from avionics grade 6061 T6 aluminum. 3 color variants exist and each one is chunky and muscular enough to provide excellent company to your favorite pick-up or the 4-WD.

6 spokes join the inner lip in a classical fashion. As of June 2022, there are 3 sizes which the company has made available – 16, 17, and 18-inches.

What makes this particular model more interesting is the superior load-bearing capacity. Despite being extremely lightweight and nimble as a robotic surgeon, these wheels will be able to make their manufacturers proud by their sheer robustness.

The price tag is a slight problem for all these 3 top models of 2022, however. While this is expected, you can also seek out established retailers who offer affordable financing options with no hidden clauses.

We are partial to California’s Audio City USA (which is over 30 years old) but it is your call in the end.


We thought that we would also include the all-new Fuel Vapor rims but we ran out of space! It is, without doubt, one of the best off-road rims and tires of 2022.

Always purchase these heavyweights from licensed retailers only. Check the bells and whistles that are par for the course.

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