5 Things to Consider Before Buying a GPS Tracker

GPS technology is one of the breakthrough innovations we all can witness nowadays. It is no longer a device that you see in sci-fi movies but also can use in real life to locate people, cars, pets, and anything you want to track. Once you install a GPS tracker, you receive alerts & notifications on your smartphone.

Further, advancements in GPS technology have led to the development of different types of GPS trackers such as vehicle GPS trackers, portable GPS trackers, magnetic trackers, asset trackers, etc. Of course, the kind of tracker you buy entirely depends on your personal needs and preferences.

But not all tracking devices are the same, and when decide to buying one, you should explore all features based on reliability and quality. Because the primary goal of a GPS tracker is to protect your valuables, be it a car or person, and you want an unwavering solution that gives you the utmost peace of mind.

It can be pretty daunting to buy a GPS tracker with so many different options available in the market. To make it easy for you, here are some factors you shouldn’t overlook when buying a good GPS tracker.

Real-time Tracking Features

If you’re buying a GPS tracker, a real-time tracking feature is absolutely necessary. But, real-time tracking capabilities are different across tracker devices. With some trackers, you can’t manually ping the tracker to get exact location updates. Moreover, you should also test the accuracy and frequency of updates. Some tracker devices will give you updates after 3-4 hours, resulting in delays in alerts and difficulty determining the exact location.

If you wish to know the exact location details of every minute, buy a tracker that connects to multiple satellite systems, and GPS trackers with a cellular connection (SIM card) can help you track a person across the entire planet.

Design and Features

GPS trackers vary in size as well. A small GPS tracker in size and compact design is always beneficial for you. For example, you can place them in your kids’ backpacks and monitor them easly. And if you want to track someone secretly, a portable GPS tracker is your best option. Further, it should be simple to use with fast installation and long battery life. Preferably, the battery life should last for a week if you use it on average for around 2 hours a day.

You should also check other features such as water and dust resistance, hardware quality, and durability of the tracker device.

Smart Monitoring and Alerts

Apart from real-time location updates, look for a tracker that provides geofence zones and emergency-SOS alerts. Geofence zones are virtual fences you can put on the map to alert you whenever the tracker enters or leaves the fenced zone. This way, you can avoid any crisis from happening. And if your loved one gets in a terrible situation, they can use the SOS button to alert the necessary authorities or close people and send them location details. Many good trackers now come with embedded voice capabilities for emergencies.

In terms of smart monitoring, cutting-edge GPS trackers provide alerts on excessive speeding, unexpected stops, and notifications on fuel consumption, maintenance, engine status, and route history of vehicle. These features are beneficial when you plan to buy a GPS tracker to track a vehicle or car.

App and Tech Support

If you’re using a tracker for the first time, you might need some technical assistance to deploy it right. So check reviews of the manufacturers, their tech support services, and also the device’s warranty. Inadequate tech support can cause a lot of frustration if you find it difficult to control and monitor the device. Typically, tracker users get notifications through a web portal provided by the manufacturer. But that means you have to log in to the web portal frequently to get updates, or sometimes you will miss them.

An mobile app can solve this issue. With the tracker’s standalone app, you can instantly view and access necessary updates. Moreover, your mobile phone is always with you; you can check the application, no matter where you are.


Indeed, how much you are willing to spend is highly influential when you buy anything. The price of a gps tracker varies depending on the features or capabilities it offers. You can decide which features are crucial for you and buy one accordingly to your needs. Ideally, they cost approximately between £60 – £250. Trackers with cellular services typically run on a monthly subscription basis, with fees ranging between £7 – £25/month. You can buy a gps tracker that suits your needs and pockets.

Summing Up

If you don’t want to squander your money, make sure to consider the factors mentioned above before buying a GPS tracker. Also, be updated with new features and capabilities to buy the latest and an advanced tracker and ensure your loved ones or valuables are safe.

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