6 things you should consider before buying a generator in Kenya

Have you ever bought a generator and instead of operating proficiently it blows out or performs sluggishly? Most likely you had bought a counterfeit generator. How can you protect yourself from buying a counterfeit generator? By knowing what to look for in a quality generator. Read on to discover what to look for when you decide to buy a generator.

If you want to buy a quality generator that will give you the power  supply that you want for a long period of time you must understand the type of the generator you want to buy, the price, features, brand , amount of money you want to spend and the amount of power. Below is an explanation of each of this things that you should consider before buying the generator


Generators are classified according to the type of fuel they use, whether it uses kerosene, solar energy, petrol, gasoline, propane, diesel, or petrol. They are further classified into industrial and home generators. Industrial generators are fixed in industries that require a high amount of energy. As a small business owner you may need a back power supply in case of power rationing. You may consider buying a generator as the back up power supply that is of low price. Tiger generator price in Kenya is quite low  hence you can consider buying one.


A generator price  depends on its power rating, compliance with the standards, fuel used, competition, services(warranty), and then add on functions like transfer switch, safety shutdown, and voltage regulator that are automatically operated and have a cooling and wheel kit for easier portability.


A generator can be large or small depending on the amount of power needed to be generated. The small or compact format is mostly used at home and portrays features like easy portability, low fuel consumption, and the safety measures like circuit breakers, indicators of oil level, silent operation, analog voltmeter, castor wheel, fuel gauge, cooling fan, and digital hour meter. Most of these generators are compatible with gas fuel and have options where they can start themselves.


 The seller should check the standards of the generator which include; the oil and condition, coolant protection for temperature, voltage, block heater, tightness of barrel lead, fan belts, fuel pumping rate out of the tank, leaks of the cold water, battery chargers, voltage and cables, fuel rack, the missing belts, turning off the engine, horse clamps tightness and the bearing of grease gen before selling the generator to the buyer. Also, they should do load bank tests like temperature using a heat gun, coolant and oil leaks, pre alarm, auto start tags, and test and shut down verifications, gauge adjustments, full rating, gauge compliance, and engine alternator tests, temperature gauge whether it is accurate.

Budget and power

Before deciding which generator to buy you should know how much cash you want to spend and the amount of power you want to be supplied.

Where to buy

You should do thorough research be for deciding the brand to buy because the efficiency and other qualities may vary from one brand to another


Buy a generator that fits your desired needs.

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