A delicious dinner in Moscow is here – Recommendations of Traveler magazine and Israeli businessman David Kaplan

The restaurant business in Russia is rapidly gaining momentum. It is not surprising to get lost in all the variety of catering establishments. We do not have time to visit each other and choose a favorite for ourselves. Therefore, we turn to various restaurant guides magazines and study the reviews of regular visitors to a particular cafe.

As for bars and restaurants in Moscow, can learn a lot from the Traveler magazine, which is popular in Russia and abroad. Its foreign readers are happy to visit the places mentioned in the next edition.

Also, Israeli businessman David Kaplan gives high-quality and valuable recommendations. He travels a lot holds business dinners and negotiations. Moreover, based on his photo about the reconstruction of the Bolshoi Theater, he created a photo exhibition; the presentations had infamous and fashionable restaurants in the capital.

Based on the restaurant preferences of David Kaplan and taking into account the recommendations of Traveler magazine, we can single out the top 10 restaurants in the capital that are a must-visit for gourmets and just lovers of delicious, beautiful food.

1. Bar LEPS – a respectable karaoke bar from the well-known singer Grigory Leps.

The bar is like a house where everyone is warm, cozy, and cheerful, where the taste and charisma of the owner are felt in an atmosphere of discreet luxury. A large living room with upholstered furniture, the main hall with a professional stage, three VIP karaoke rooms – everything is designed in the “new baroque” style. All galleries are equipped with modern sound and video equipment. You can visit here this site xfire and you get to the best latest information.Visit here zeepost

The bar’s kitchen will please its guests with all the variety of European cuisine, including a special section “Take a glass.” Visit now online best website viewster. And great needful best website weblo. And Click here pseudo.


2. Israeli businessman David Kaplan also recommends The Tatler Club restaurant which is located on two floors of the Ukraine Hotel. It is vast in size. Snow-white columns, huge windows, restored ceilings are everywhere, which creates a feeling of grandeur and a specific royalty. You can come here with your family, friends, business partners – this place is ideal for any event. Moreover, you can taste delicious dishes of European, Russian, Ukrainian, or Japanese cuisines in the restaurant. You can come here only for the sake of Ukrainian borscht, which is incomparable here.

3. Palazzo Ducale – an Italian restaurant on the Boulevard Ring, which offers a break from the bustle of the capital and plunges into the luxurious atmosphere of magnificent Venice. It is here that Traveller recommends visiting if you want Italian food and a sophisticated atmosphere: gold, brass, paintings, and tapestries on the walls, massive chandeliers, a mosaic floor, and a bar counter, made in the shape of a Venetian gondola, are everywhere.

If you only want dessert, the Pasticheria is at your service, located in a separate room near the main entrance. But still, it is better to go to Palazzo Ducale and have dinner.

4. Israeli businessman David Kaplan also recommends another no less luxurious Italian restaurant NOA is the best place for romantic dates. Its cozy interior directly physically allows you to feel the atmosphere of a small town in old Italy.

The restaurant occupies three floors: the first and second offer to relax in the cafe-lounge or sit in the open karaoke veranda. The third floor is already a classic: there is the main hall of the restaurant with the famous winter garden. There is also a separate project, “NOA Cuisine Laboratory,” where the chef personally prepares dishes for fans of haute cuisine. Laboratory visits are strictly by appointment.

5. If we continue talking about Italian cuisine, we cannot fail to mention Semifreddo, an elite restaurant that offers the best Italian dishes according to classic and author’s chef’s recipes.

The quality of food and drinks here is at an exceptionally high level, which affects the prices, which cannot be called democratic. But it provides a solid group of the local public. In the evenings, you can see many famous artists and politicians in the institution. Pleasant background music creates a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Semifreddo is a place for business meetings or relaxation in a narrow circle of friends.

6. Located in the very center of Moscow, the L’Albero restaurant completely immerses its guests in the atmosphere of a country estate. This is due to his being in a detached mansion. There is a lot of light, huge windows, high ceilings, wooden tables, wicker chairs.

The restaurant is represented by the Sofa Room and the Winter Garden. A distinctive feature of the Sofa Hall is the columns made of glued gilded picture frames. In the Winter Garden, visitors will be pleased with the abundance of flowers and greenery, as well as the Canadian maple growing in the center of the hall.

7. Israeli businessman David Kaplan also recommends taking a break from Italian cuisine and moving to the Zolotoy restaurant, which serves Russian, European, Pan-Asian, and author’s cuisine dishes. The atmosphere is comfortable and modern: light gray chairs with cushions and round tables, soft lighting, quiet, pleasant music. There is a particular room for children.

The menu is offered in Russian and English, so foreign guests are exceptionally comfortable here. The place is great for evenings with friends, family, or loved ones.

8. White Café is a trendy place in the capital’s center for connoisseurs of world gastronomic trends and good music. White Cafe will delight you with a combination of home comfort and interior style. A large wooden bar in the hall’s center also serves as a counter for juicy pies, cookies, seasonal berries, and fruits. Pastel colors dominate the interior. Light wood upholstery and walls in vanilla, milky white, beige, and gold, interspersed with mirrored panels. The menu presents the most popular dishes of European, Italian, Russian and Asian cuisines in a modern interpretation of the chef.

9. If you want to treat yourself to seafood, David Kaplan recommends La Marée in the village of Zhukovka. Here, even the most experienced gourmet will discover some new mollusk, crustacean, or rare wild fish. Fresh fish of luxury class, exquisite interior in a marine style only confirm that everything ingenious is simple. A worthy place in the room is occupied by a fish shop of rare specimens of fish, oysters, and squid, as well as authentic delicacies, including olive oil aged in the pantries of Spain and Italy, the famous Jamon, truffle cream, and even an exquisite dessert – chocolate directly from Paris.

10. The atmosphere of the noisy streets of Shanghai and the regularity of old Moscow reigns in the restaurant, Mr. Lee. Located on the second floor of the famous Moscow castle-mansion on the Kuznetsky Most, the institution attracts attention and invites you to a pleasant stay from the very first minutes of being there. Of particular note is the actual wooden pagoda, proudly rising in the center of the hall, from which the restaurant’s history began. Traditional Pan-Asian dishes with original recipes represent the cuisine. Also, guests of the restaurant can taste the most unusual Asian drinks and tinctures.

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David Kaplan personally visited each of the listed restaurants and recommends them for us complete a building or hold his photo exhibition, and guests always leave satisfied. So choose and spend time in a pleasant environment at a delicious table.

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