Best E-Sports Betting Sites in the Philippines 2022

We are all aware that the eSports service industry began gaining popularity around twenty years ago. With the aid of the internet, individuals started playing video games for the first time. Filipino bettors want to support their favorite eSports team by betting on them in the eSports service industry. Although they’re risking money as a symbol of loyalty, making a profit is secondary to the satisfaction of winning with the team.

Dota 2, League of Legends, Fortnite, and MLBB eSports tournaments are among the most popular games that esports betting companies like okbet offer. The Philippines might have had a tiny market for eSports betting, but it is highly passionate.


OKBET esports is one of the top esports betting platforms accessible today. OKBET is licensed by PAGCOR and offers the largest sports betting in the Philippines. This website’s selection, well-established reputation, and substantial promotional value make it an attractive option. Online users of Okbet may wager on CSGO, LOL, Dota 2, and Fortnite competitions. However, suppose you appreciate sports betting and want to wager on esports uniquely. In that case, this website is an excellent option, and its esports services are developing with time.

OkBet respects all of its customers and is committed to giving them the best gaming experiences possible. With okbet, you can bet quickly and safely. Get great odds, get confirmation of your winnings right away.


  1. Bet is a well-known Philippine esports betting platform. May find your favorite esports here, including DOTA 2, GS: GO, and LOL. Deposit methods accepted by GG.BET Philippines include the most common deposit methods in the Philippines. Furthermore, you’ll be able to take advantage of some of the most incredible odds. GG. Bet’s sportsbook and all the bonuses provided to players may be seen on their website.

Betting on esports at GG. Bet has a pretty good sportsbook and a helpful news service that covers the latest happenings in traditional sports and competitive gaming at GG. Bet you can place bets on about a dozen different esports. The brand had other odds for different esports. But you can be sure that GG. Bet will cover these esports tournaments when they happen.


Pnxbet has expanded its sports and casino offerings to include a dedicated esports betting page. Along with Pnxbet live betting, it is one of the site’s most famous sports betting services. Their esports-specific incentive is an excellent value for domestic and international consumers. Some industries, notably esports, provide higher value than others, even though the average industry-wide odds. Its esports service offers a sufficient number of possibilities for interested individuals. Possibly it still ranks highly among the biggest esports betting websites.


Betway is the most well-known online gaming company, so when it joined the esports market in 2016, esports bettors expected to earn a lot. They were one of the first notable betting websites to incorporate games. Their esports area has many beautiful features as their regular sports offerings, including competitive odds for League of Legends, Dota, and CS: GO, great deposit incentives, and outstanding coverage of more significant games.

Its esports site offers a wide range of choices. Fans will be excited to see that the leading site has a whole section for esports. The company has given money to several esports teams and events. Because of these efforts, the company has become an esports icon in the UK and worldwide.


The esports betting section of 22bet is very new, and you will find all relevant information there. 22BET is one of the esports betting sites in the Philippines that bettors wanting a long-term partner can depend on. Whether you join via the website or the 22bet app, you will quickly access the highest odds for esports wagering. These are available in various video games, with the first multiplayer online battle arena games dominating the market. Therefore, fans of Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is fortunate. Their preferred games receive the finest possible pregame and live coverage, with dozens of traditional and unique markets to select.


BetOnline is among the most dedicated eSports betting platforms accessible to Philippine citizens. BetOnline’s broad gambling choices on conventional US sports and its specialized casino and poker areas are noteworthy. BetOnline offers esports betting and some of the terrible sacrifices and realities that North American esports bettors must accept to gamble on their favorite video games.

BetOnline offers extensive coverage of all significant esports, including odds, incentives, and even live markets for ongoing tournaments. BetOnline esports offers games League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Forza, and Fortnite, accessible for betting.

FAQ about eSports betting in the Philippines


Is it legal in the Philippines to play eSports?

However, it depends on the gaming operator you choose to place your wagers. Choose one of the Philippine eSports betting sites, such as okbet, if you want complete player safety and to minimize the chance of being cheated.

Which esports are the most common in the Philippines?

The Philippines offers an abundance of excellent esports, including DOTA 2, LOL, and CS: GO. These three games are top-rated, and their popularity among esports bettors is growing.

Are there free bets on esports betting websites?

Yes, the majority of Philippine esports betting sites provide free wagers. Bettors will access various bonuses, including free bets, at different highly reputable websites. Esports betting is mainly centered on the experience, although free bets are given to enhance the experience and make it more valuable.

How do I watch Esports?

Some sportsbooks will live-stream games on their websites, or you can visit YouTube or Facebook Gaming.

How can I profit from betting on eSports?

There are various methods that you might boost your chances of winning. Taking part in attractive bonus offers is one of them. Another is conducting a lot of studies about the matches that are offered for betting. Allows you to produce great forecasts of the results. In other words, changes will ensure you a long-term profit if your projections are accurate. There’s a lot of skill involved in betting as it’s effectively your knowledge up against the bookmakers’.

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