Data Science and AI Augmenting the Gambling Industry

AI can be a scary subject, but it can also be used for good, especially in the gambling industry. AI can help regulate, monitor and control profits in the players’ favour or the casinos’. Other than that, AI can also be used to improve the gaming experience for players and create environments that are innovative and unique. One such example is the online support, which is readily available and allows players to get instant aid.

Let’s look at some ways data science and AI have helped the gambling industry.

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Conrad A. Brennan, our resident casino expert, sees new slots games and table games improve over the years as AI has penetrated the gambling industry.

How Data Science and AI Have Affected Gambling

  • Improved Gaming Experiences

A great way to gather data about what users think about your casino, whether it’s online or in-person, is through AI gathering. AI can influence the mechanics in a game and the data science aspect can collect information about how users feel about the new and improved mechanics and whether or not it’s enjoyable.

All this knowledge will help developers and casino operators alike to understand which road to go down and which to avoid.

  • Better Customer Support

Data analytics and AI can also improve customer support. As many people may have noticed by now, the chat support in many online casinos and even shopping sites are AI run. These are chatbots that are designed to address your issues on the most basic levels. Of course, they aren’t able to carry out a conversation the same way humans can, but they are the first level of support that are immediately responsive.

Customer complaints and reviews are where the most important trends and data are collected in order to improve service.

  • No More Fraud

It’s no secret that computers and AI are much more efficient at carrying out certain tasks than humans are. In order to ensure that only fair games and fair slot machines are in operation with a reasonable online casino bonus, establishments have turned to AI regulation.

These artificial intelligence programs can easily detect fraudulent behaviour, or even credit cards and accounts before any damage is done. Protection such as this against fraud will protect the casino’s revenue and interests.

  • Easier Data Collection

When one thinks of data collection, it is often synonymous with a breach of privacy, but that isn’t the case here. Yes, data collection of any kind can be negative if it is used for unethical purposes. However, if the information is used correctly, it can help casinos improve player experience.

It does so by understanding what the users and potential players prefer. For example, gathering analytics such as the percentage of people who opt for table games versus slot games will help the casino understand which type of games to make more available. 

If you think about it, if a casino is doing things ethically, all the establishment is doing is gathering info on how to make things better for its customer base.

  • Upgraded Marketing Tactics

The next point is more for casino operators than for players, but it’s important to note that data science and AI can benefit both parties and not just players. Having AI and data gathered can help casinos understand more of what players what, which we mentioned above, and therefore create better and more effective marketing campaigns.

When you know your players’ habits, preferences and opinions from information from customer service and complaints and browsing and gaming behaviour, it becomes much easier to tailor marketing tactics to fit those requirements. From there, the casino can easily expand its customer base, garner better reviews, and offer more of what the demographic wants.

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AI and data science can be scary if not used correctly, but most casinos both online and in-person strive to use the information to better user experience.

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