Essay writing advice: ‘Nobody performs introductions well’ is a good one.

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Get your hands dirty.

The goal of writing an essay is to exhibit your critical thinking skills and knowledge of the material being discussed (whatever it may be). If all you do is recite what you’ve read, you’ll never be able to get the highest possible grade.

Nonetheless, how can critical evaluation manifest itself in the real world? Think on how “the authors aren’t immaculate,” adds Squirrell, and then “poke holes” in books you’re reading.

This, in his opinion, may be a terrifying idea. Can a college student critique a subject that has been researched for decades?

Volume 3 of Foucault’s History of Sexuality has no obvious defects, but you may argue, ‘There are issues with these particular narratives, and here is how you can overcome them’.’

“In this respect, a 60-something essay differs from a 70-something one.” For more info, please visit

Observe and critique your own thoughts.

It’s time to start thinking about your own views after analysing the books you’ve read. This may go against everything you’ve taught your students about academic writing, but it’s critical if you want to solidify your arguments.

Squirrell explains, “We’re taught from an early age to provide both sides of the argument.” In college, you’re only told to stick to one side of an issue and stick to it throughout the piece.. “For the most powerful counterarguments against your own argument to be effective, you must first identify them. The easiest approach to find flaws in your reasoning is to write about them and then reply to them. When you try to stretch the limits of an argument, the markers usually reward you for it.”

Okay, I’ll use Wikipedia for this one.

Academics disagree on whether or not students should utilise Wikipedia to supplement their studies. There are many points of view that I disagree with,” Squirrell says. As for who authored the poem or what their intents or predispositions were, others claim that you can’t know for sure. The vast majority of the time, it’s a terrific method to get your bearings on a subject or unearth some supplementary information. Only in the context of a game “”primer” or “final resort,” yet it has its place. “””

When you’re reading, pay attention to what you’re reading.

It’s possible that reading lists might be both helpful and annoying. These are important starting points, but they should not be used as a checklist. Even if a book is suggested, you don’t have to read it in its entirety.

The reading list isn’t the end all and be all.

Squirrell argues that “this is a very straightforward job.” Find out which sources were used and whether they’re worth reading by using Google Scholar to look for them. Finally, you may look for other publications that mention the work you’re writing about using Google Scholar. ” However, quality is much more essential than quantity.”

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