Factors that Determine an Air Compressor Price

People all over the world use air compressors for various purposes. It refers to a mechanical device that reduces the volume of a gas thereby increasing it’s pressure. It is just like a pump in that both help in increasing the fluids pressure.

In Kenya, air compressors have been used for a long period of time in making gases. This is because they help a lot in making work easier as it could have been such an uphill task making these gases without the compressors. These gases after production are then used in filling cooking gas, gas for divers, e.t.c. Several factors that determine the prices of these compressors in Kenya include:

Horsepower Rating [HP]

The rating of a horsepower is an excellent way that can help you know the size of the compressor that you need. You should ensure that the rating is genuine as many marketing people are making a killing through sales by lying to unsuspecting buyers. Ensure you buy industrial compressors that are well rated and also insist that they be tested before purchasing them.

Air Pressure

This is another factor that determines an air compressor price in Kenya. You should decide whether you need a single stage air compressor or a 2 stage. A single stage is one where the air compressor is used for duties that are small commercial in nature and also for your hobbies. On the other hand, the 2 stage air compressors are used for industrial purposes or heavy commercial purposes.

Duty cycle

This is of high importance as it will help you not to over work your device. Some low quality air compressors have got a usage of around 50%. This means in every 10 minutes, the device operates for only 5 minutes. However, high quality compressors such as the ones used in industries have got high efficiency of around 75% or even 100% meaning they can operate continuously for long periods.

Life expectancy

Life expectancy should be taken into consideration when determining an air compressor machine price in Kenya. This is because a device which lifespan is short will eat into your hard earned money as you will keep going back to the stores to purchase another device. It is therefore advisable for one to buy a device that has a long lifespan rather than buying a cheap one which will become expensive in the long run.

Moisture problems

When you compress air it turns into gas. This gas on cooling through a process known as condensation turns into water. You should ensure that the air compressor you purchase has got a way of eliminating this water so that your device does not rust.


As we can learn from the discussion above, there are various types of compressors and it just depends on what the buyer intends to do with their device and for how long i.e, is it for a long term usage or short term? However, it is of merit that you buy a quality device that will not disappoint you irregardless of the time frame you intend to use it to perform your tasks.

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