Factors To Help You Get The Best Meat Cutting Machine In Kenya – Prices, Features, Application &More

If you have a small business dealing with meat, you will need a meat cutting machine. Whether you want to use it for boneless pork, fish, chicken, family, or commercial activities. In this article, we take you through all aspects of good meat cutting machine.

Cutting meat at home, butcheries,and slaughterhouses may be hectic when using the wrong tools. There is always a machine for all types of meat that you may need to cut in different sizes and prices. Most of these machines are electric. Therefore you will need a source of power to operate them. For more details, let’s explore what you should look for in a lump of good meat cutting machine.

Technical features

A meat cutting machine should have a suitable feed port size. However, a (4.3”x2.75”) is the best for commercial activity. A blade length of 8.5 cm does well by increasing the surface area of the meat cut, enabling you to work efficiently. In addition, a 304 stainless steel offers sturdy protection from hits to ensure longevity and ease of maintenance.

The machines also have on one sidehigh-strength nylonfor noise reduction and metal gear for maximizing power. Usually, you will find the food grade of 304 stainless steel that doesn’t rust easily. The food blade grade is easy to use with little specifications. The copper motor is powerful with a rotation speed of 1420 rpm to cut meat faster and save effort for the same, both slices and cubes.


Once more, you will need a meat cutting machine regardless of your activities. When you have pork, mutton, fish, chicken, or any other type of meat without bones, a meat cutting machine will help you save time by cutting it faster. That’s not all. You can also use it to cut soft veggies like cabbage and mushrooms. However, please don’t use it on frozen meat, bones, and hard vegetables.

Disassembling and cleaning

All electronic gadgets fail to function, and we need to repair them. Likewise, a meat cutting machine also needs repair and maintenance through servicing. The blade is removable for easy cleaning, and you can wash it directly with water. However, don’t insert the machine in water because you may damage the copper motor that also determines the meat cutting machine price in Kenya.

There’s a strong water gun embedded in the commercial types to help you clean the machine with high-pressure water. This way, you get rid of stuck pieces of meat, leaving your device very clean. Please smear the cutting blade with cooking oil each time you clean the machine as a remedy to extend its lifespan.


Now that you know all the factors that determine the price of a meat cutting machine, it is evident that the prices will vary according to the machine’s features. There is no constant price, but you get the best machine before looking for the price. Let the features and the application guide you to determine the right machine. Some sellers hike prices, yet sell poor quality machines.


There are other factors that determine the meat cutting machine prices, but prioritize the above-mentioned ones. Always ask yourself what you want to do with the machine, examine its features and finalize with the prices. The meat cutting machine is good and its worth to try.

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