Features to Consider When Buying the Ingco Circular Saw

Ingco circular saw is equipment used for making cuts on timbers in a straight line. It is commonly used in industries because it cuts with ease and precision. This article will discuss the factors to consider before buying it to ensure it’s the right quality.

The Ingco type of circular saw has a wide variety of models. There are models with an input power of 1600 watts and 1400 watts depending on the type of job. Its blade has a diameter of 185mm that can cut a depth of 66mm at a 90-degree angle and 46mm at a 45-degree angle. Below are more features to be considered when buying this saw.

Adjustments of Depth

Adjusting the depth of cuts should be easy for pros who’ve used this equipment. The depth scales are often surprisingly inaccurate. It’s important to check the depth scales before making any cuts. Some circular saws have levers with a depth lock placed outside the saw. Others have levers with a lock on the shoe level which can bump loose during usage.

Trigger Safety

Some trigger safeties can be difficult to push. Others are placed high above the handle. A trigger safety should be reached easily by your thumb. The favorable trigger buttons are those that can be pushed downwards not inwards since they can slow down the user. A properly placed trigger safety shouldn’t require the user to reposition the finger.


A buyer should consider the saw’s grip feel, the ease of adjusting it, and the balance. Ingco circular saw has a rubber surface on the rear handle for a firm grip. Ingco circular saw pricein Kenya is a reflection of the quality features it has.  Some Ingco circular saws have a front handle which is close to the rear handle that fits the taste for many.

Bevel Angle

Setting the precise bevel angle on circular saws with one-degree marks is easier than those with five-degree marks. Saws with a bevel angle with thinly-etched marks are also better than those painted. The saws with definitive pointers that point to degree marks help in reducing parallax errors. Also, bevel scales with a contrast of strong visual help a lot.


A circular saw should be well-balanced even when feeling heavy. A well-balanced saw reduces the strain of handling the heavy tool. Cordless Ingco circular saws have large batteries that play a part in the saw’s heaviness. The big batteries can affect the balance of the saw negatively.

Other Features

Some extra features of some circular saws add some functionality to different experiences. Features like hanging hooks help when the user isn’t in the working cut station. The hooks help the saw to hang securely to prevent path blockage. Some saws have dust ports that can connect with a portable vacuum to control airborne dust.


Those who have the experience of using this tool or have users using it on a jobsite know the exact features to look for. Those looking to buy it will know the right one after analyzing the above features.

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