Hiring an attorney after a semi-truck accident in Albuquerque

It’s a no-brainer that you are more likely to suffer serious injuries in a truck or semi-truck accident in Albuquerque than in a standard on-road mishap. These are massive vehicles, which can cause monumental damage even in smaller accidents. New Mexico is a claimant-friendly state, which follows the pure comparative fault rule. If you were partly at fault in the accident, you could still sue the other party for their share in the blame. For that, you may want to hire an Albuquerque semi truck accident lawyer. In this post, we are discussing more on why you need to lawyer up.

Complications in a semi-truck accident

In a typical car accident, it is rather easy to find fault and liability. However, things can be very different in the case of semi-truck accidents. Just because the driver was behind the wheel doesn’t mean they are at fault. The trucking company could be at fault for not adhering to norms when hiring the trucker. It is also possible that the loading company was negligent. Finding fault and determining liability in a semi-truck accident can be extremely complex, which is precisely why hiring an attorney is a wise idea. You need to trust your lawyer to gather evidence and prove fault.

Lawyers know everything

Local lawyers know how things normally pan out in semi-truck accident claims. They can also spot unusual insurance tactics and can negotiate better. The other party could be a big insurance company or a known trucking company, and the battle against them won’t be easy or simple. You need an attorney who can handle everything, right from the paperwork to the negotiation and discussions. Although most auto accident claims don’t reach court, they can also file a lawsuit when needed.

Finding a local lawyer

Numerous law firms in Albuquerque specialize in semi-truck accident claims and lawsuits, but as a client, you have to check the background of an attorney before you hire them. How long have they been working on such claims? What are some of their landmark cases? What are their top settlements for semi-truck accident claims? Do they have experience going to court? How much would the lawyer charge? Are they available to take the case? What is their current caseload like? These are a few questions you must ask before trusting an attorney.

You can check websites like Nolo or Justia to find local semi-truck accident lawyers. 

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