How to use ‘Hemp and CBD’ legally

” Deputy Secretary-General of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are revealed that hemp and marijuana come from the same plant family, but by law, separate hemp with marijuana, according to the THC, a substance made. Drunken, haunted, if more than 1 is marijuana and less than 1 is hemp, but both are still category five narcotics, so they have to ask for permission from the FDA, and there is another law to unlock. Because each part of marijuana, hemp, has different levels of THC.

“Because of the high THC marijuana, it is only allowed for medical and research use. Therefore, it is a government agency and community enterprise, but hemp has allowed farmers, natural persons, and juristic persons to apply for permission to plant. Once grown, there must be a law to unlock because each part of the THC hemp cannabis is not the same.”

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The part with the highest THC is the inflorescence. The remainder of the drug is the inflorescences and cannabis seeds, which can be sent in the medical section, while leaves, branches, roots, low THC substance, not a harmful drug, leaves, branches, roots can be sold to the general public.

As for hemp and CBD kaufen, when planted, the drug is the inflorescence. The non-narcotic part is the hemp seeds, branches, stems, roots, leaves, and it is not a drug either. While an ordinary person buys cannabis, hemp leaves are non-narcotic to cook in the house. You can do it because it is not a drug anymore. To cook in the restaurant Or come to cook in a restaurant that doesn’t have to ask for an FDA number. You can do it because it’s not a drug.

“But if using hemp leaves or marijuana to make health products that require the FDA number, such as making balms, making compresses or cosmetics, etc., must ask for the FDA number. Tea can be brewed at home. But if making tea from cannabis leaves for sale Permission is required.”

Getting permission to plant CBD

Ms. Suphattra continued that Getting permission to plant is not difficult. But please think about which cultivars are planted because hemp has many varieties. Cultivars planted with inflorescences for CBD kaufen extraction, varieties planted with seeds for oil extraction, are planted with stems to make clothing fibers, so you have to think about which varieties to plant. Who is the buyer Important in the approval of the FDA. It is a planting plan, floating planting, unable to sell, not giving. Therefore, planting planning is essential at every step, from seed importing, planting, extraction, requiring permission from the FDA at every step. To track whether the seeds are from the importer or not. Enter an extraction plant that receives approved raw materials? Tracking will be used throughout all routes.

“As for obtaining permission to grow hemp is not difficult, but it is not easy and requires real intentions. but if permission is granted once Next time it will be easy.”

Terpene smell in food

The smell of terpene (Terpene) comes from many sources, such as synthetic scents. The scent is extracted from a variety of plants, including marijuana, hemp, and other plants. The FDA law allows both synthetic and natural terpene scents to be used in food. But now everyone wants to put a picture of cannabis, hemp leaves on the bottle of the product. Without hemp cannabis But wearing only the smell of terpenes, Can it be done?

“FDA will grant permission based on legal facts. If you use her to climb synthetic scents Hemp cannabis leaf images cannot be included in the product. It must be documented that the scent comes from real cannabis and hemp, not synthetic. Additionally, it must state that the scent comes from cannabis, hemp leaves so that buyers don’t mistake it for CBD kaufen, but it’s actually just terpene scent. for flavoring.”

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