iHeartMedia Philadelphia Debuts New Radio Station

iHeartMedia debuts Rumba 106.1, its first customized FM signal, to the city of the Latino community in Pennsylvania. This decision was entirely based on recognizing the vitality and the importance of the Greater Philadelphia region for this audience.

Statistics from the last census show that the area has the third-largest Latino community in the Northeast. This station is expected to air high-energy contemporary hits from popular Latin music genres.

Contemporary top 40 hits                                                                  

These are popular Latin music genres like bachata urban pop, salsa, and reggaeton. In the last few decades, reggaeton has exploded into the mainstream of the best genres of music to listen to. Its booming can be traced from the remarkable ascent and the undeniable impact.

Rumba 106.1 is set to play 10,000 songs commercially free to mark the dawn of their operations. The station is broadcasted from Parx Casino Studios, which also offers a Pennsylvania online casino. The founding partners of this powerful FM signal dedicated to the Latino community include Angles Are Us Home Health Agency,, and the Miller Lite.

Why Rumba 106.1 was launched

According to the senior vice president of programming, the Latino community longed for a fully dedicated FM signal for so many years. Launching Rumba 106.1 shows that their voices are well-represented in the Philadelphia market.

The Hispanic population in this region has tripled in the past 20 years, making it the prime target for the new format. Local outdoor sports will be covered by this station, as well as local Hispanic community artist performances. The station is also expected to hire local on-air talent and broadcast it in Spanish. The coverage will mainly be based on the tweaks of the community make-up.

Major competitors Rumba 106.1 will face

There are always competitors trying to outdo each other in various ways in every business, and Rumba 106.1 is no exception. Rumba will face stiff competition from stations like Mega 105.7. Mega 105.7 is a Camden-based station that offers Latin Music ranging from the local mix and syndicated hosts to the local Spanish play-by-play.

This station is owned by Davidson Media, a North Carolina-based broadcaster who deals with multicultural formats from the community. It has a less powerful signal, and this clearly shows that Rumba 106.1 will be enjoying Philadelphia‘s most significant market share within a short period. Knight’s move into these stations will significantly increase this station’s brand awareness.

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