Important Tips to Increase Your Winnings in TOTO Singapore

The popularity of Spore Toto has increased dramatically over the years due to the annual increase in jackpot amounts. Every year the lottery is getting more and more lucrative and grand.

However, just like any form of gambling, your win depends on luck. In order to boost your chances of winning, you need to employ these tips and strategies.

Pick the right bet type

In the modern lottery, gambling operators such as Singapore Pool present various features to make lottery betting more exciting. These features are called Bet Types and their purpose is to boost the probability of your winning.

Whether you are playing for Ordinary Entry, System Roll, System Entry, or Quick Pick, the key is to choose the one that is right for you.

Join a lottery syndicate

In order to guarantee your winning in the lottery, you need to buy a million tickets. However, not all of us has the resources to purchase such huge amounts of the ticket. The truth is, even though you spend a lot of money on tickets, your odds are still low.

In order to guarantee your winning, you can join a lottery syndicate. Which could increase your odds of winning but does not necessarily require you to buy more tickets.

Don’t miss a lottery draw

A lot of people actually have won the lottery but miss the opportunity of claiming the jackpot because they didn’t watch the lottery draw. Don’t let that happen to you, so it is wise to keep track of every lottery draw especially if you are regularly purchasing a ticket.

Don’t throw away your ticket

Sometimes, people make the mistake of throwing away their tickets, only to find out that their numbers appeared in the second-chance drawings. If you have lost a single draw, don’t discard your ticket yet because you will never know when your number will be drawn.

Don’t ignore a discarded ticket

It is true that someone’s loss is another’s gain. This principle also applies in the world of 4D lottery gambling.

Some people throw their tickets because they think that it is worthless. However, they may have misheard the winning numbers.

If you happen to find a lottery ticket anywhere, always check the numbers in it. It may be your opportunity to win this time in the lottery.

Mark your lottery ticket

If you happen to win the lottery, a lot of people may claim the same number combination.

In order to avoid this situation and protect yourself, you need to sign your ticket as proof that it is you who owns it. In case your ticket got lost or stolen, the lottery operators will know that you are the owner of the ticket and deserves to claim the prize.

Choose rare numbers

Experts believe that the winning combinations in the lottery are not common numbers. It is believed that number combinations are the ones that usually appear in the weekly draws.

It is reported that 70% of winning tickets have numbers that were randomly produced and not picked. The rarer the numbers are, the higher the odds of them being picked in the next lottery draw.

Avoid lottery scams

Scams are already prevalent nowadays even in the lottery industry. These scammers pose as members of a legitimate lottery syndicate.

These charlatans will ask for your money to buy tickets for the pool. After you have sent your money, they will never contact you again and you will notice that you have been scammed.

Always be smart when joining a lottery syndicate. Study the background of the lottery pool that you are joining and make sure that they are operating legally.


It is often said that you will never win a lottery if you didn’t buy a single ticket. Trying to win could be hard, so these tips could help you increase your odds of winning in 4D Singapore.

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