Is business analysis a competitive profession?

Being a business analyst is definitely cooperative within the context of your organization though there may be some opportunities to be competitive with respect to other organizations. Your main focus is helping align a set of diverse people to a single goal. If you are an overly competitive person, this could get in the way of attaining the end goal. The measures of your success as a BA can be hard to nail down. Sure that project was what your stakeholder really wanted but what exactly was your role in that?

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If someone else had applied a different set of techniques would things have come out the same or different? Better or worse? You will need to be secure in yourself, consistently do the best job you can, and give yourself some self-recognition when you cool that heated debate or ask just the right question to get just the right answer. If you are doing your job, oftentimes everyone else will be too busy thinking to notice your role. How difficult will it be to find a job?

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If you are truly passionate about the role and most responsibilities required by the role come naturally to you, it should not be any more difficult to find a BA job than to find a job in most other professional positions. In some respects, the barriers to entry are lower than other IT jobs because as of yet there are no expectations for formal training or specific technical knowledge. The technical skills of a business analyst are relatively easy to learn, but might take a lifetime to perfect.

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There is no one stamp of approval that makes you a great business analyst, so you might spend some time gathering relevant experiences and learning the techniques. On the other hand, many business analyst positions are looking for individuals with experience.

Because there is no single path into the profession or degree to get and therefore qualify yourself for a position, it can be challenging to carve a path into your first position. Creating situations where you can get the necessary experiences or finding someone who recognizes your talents in lieu of your experience is the challenge.

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