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It is extremely difficult to keep track of your bill payments in this fast-paced world. Standing in long queues is no longer an option. With hectic jobs and a family to look after, it is best to switch to online payment apps. It will help you make your life easy. When it comes to paying internet bills, especially Wi-Fi, you can easily make BSNL Broadband Bill Payment using an online payment app. There are many benefits of using online payment apps. Some of them are as follows-


In this competitive world, utilizing your time in the best way possible is of utmost importance. Standing in long queues for your bills is no longer an option. It is a complete waste of time and energy. Therefore, you should consider installing an online payment. It will help you make your life easy and uncomplicated. You will then be able to give time to things and people that are important.


The online payment apps can be used and accessed by people of all age groups. Since they are easy to use and understand, even-aged and illiterate people face no problems while using them. Therefore, you must consider installing an online payment app either for yourself or your parents as well. It is an excellent way to save time and make payments quickly without any hassle.


Online payment apps keep an organized record of all your transactions. Therefore, you will be able to keep track of all your bill payments. You will not miss the due date for your bill and will be able to know where you have spent your money. It is an excellent way to stay within your budget and pay your bills. Therefore, installing an online payment will prove to be a wise decision.


By switching to online payments, you will contribute to sustainable development and preserving nature. Since you will be making all payments online, the paper will be saved. Therefore, you will be contributing to making the world a better place for future generations.


There is less chance of you losing your money by making online payments. Cash can sometimes get lost or misplaced. With online payments, no such thing can happen. It is a very secure way to make all your payments. No scam can happen if you use an authentic online payment app.

Steps you need to follow to make a BSNL broadband bill payment

  • Install the app

Install any online payment app such as MobiKwik to make the payment.

  • Sign in

After the installation process is done, you’ll be needed to provide details like mobile number, email id to be able to locate your account or create a new one.

  • Go to the recharge section

Go to the recharge section in the app and select the broadband option.

  • Select the operator

The app will ask you to select the operator. Click on BSNL broadband.

  • Enter details

Enter your mobile number and account number.

  • View your bill

After clicking on the go, your bill will be flashed on the screen. Go through it and see if it is correct. Once you’re done, click on continue.

  • Make payment

Click on the make payment option to start with the payment procedure.

  • Enter necessary payment details

It is the last step. Enter your payment details, and your bill will be paid.

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