Quick Tips on How to choose the best car wash machine

This article focuses on how to choose the best car wash machine as this will make or break your work. Everyone wants a machine that is good in functionality and therefore knowing what to consider will ensure that one selects the best car wash machine that is functional and affordable to the average consumer.


A good car wash machine is a good investment. There are different types of car wash machines and before purchasing one a person should know what constitutes a good machine. These considerations go a long way in ensuring that durability is achieved and one does not need to purchase a new machine after a short period just because the other one spoilt. Durability ensures that one will use this car wash machine for a long period.

These considerations are also important because they ensure that functionality is achieved and there is nothing as good as having a machine that is so functional in terms of use. The quality should also be good. Safety is also important, therefore one has to buy a machine that is of good quality and well-rated and analyzed to avoid injuries when using it.

Before purchasing a car wash machine these are the thing to consider to ensure that one chooses the best machine to deliver the desired results.

Engine size

For a machine to work effectively the engine size is very important because it is the one that determines the power of the machine. A good car wash machine should have 1100 to 2000W. Watts determines how strong the machine is. Low watts will drag work and efficiency will not be achieved. The engine size is like the powerhouse of the machine if it’s low then the machine will not work as well and as efficiently as it should.


There is nothing as satisfying as having a machine that is portable and can be moved to any place without any struggle. The car wash machine price in Kenya is affordable and before purchasing this machine for business or individual use one should choose a machine that is lightweight and has two wheels for easy portability. Portability also ensures that the storage is easy.

Water flow rate

Water and soap are basically what is used to clean and therefore the water flow rate should be very high. A high water rate means that there is high efficiency, cleaning, and rinsing capabilities are there and there is no drag when it comes to cleaning. There should be high pressure of 60 to 120 bars, this pressure will ensure that the flow of water on the horse is good. The horsepower should also be long enough like 25 feet so as it is easy to use and can cover a wide range of areas when cleaning.

Cleaning applications

A good car wash machine has a wide degree of cleaning applications. These applications include things like the different soap noodles, water sprays, and brushes. Different soap nozzles ensure that the right soap is used making the machine more effective. It’s important to have these brushes as they clean the car best and remove all dirt and grime rather than just using a rag to clean.


Investing in a good car wash machine either for business or personal use is the best thing to do since it will save you money and efficiency and effectiveness are achieved. Therefore before purchasing one should consider all the above points to ensure that they get the best pressure washer machine.

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