Role of Cuemath Online Classes in Learning Mathematics

This Cuemath online tutoring for maths is one among all the top-rated websites on the internet today. This website provides its maths teaching service in two forms one is home-based center teaching classes and another one is online teaching. They have succeeded in changing the opinion of 10,000+ students toward mathematics. They have their  teaching center in 6 major countries of the world. Provides education support from the students of kindergarten to students of 12th grade. It includes ICSE, CBSE, NCERT, and the state board syllabus. Cuemath online divides the course into two major types the first one is the foundation of maths concepts which is thought between the kindergarten to grade 6 students. Another one is the  Cuemath leap program is taught for the students of the 7th grade to students of the 12th grade. This program includes higher mathematical concepts, a personalized set of instructions, and interactive classes from the maths experts.

Reasons For Choosing Cuemath Online Classes.

This platform is enforced with well-defined procedures along with well-educated and highly experienced tutors. cuemath students will have two or three classes per week based on their performance of the students, it can be stretched or limited to 3 classes a week.

It has created two apps cuemath for the teachers and cueparent for the parents to Constantly monitor the performance of their kids. Basically, cuemath tutors will try to understand the areas of difficulties that the students are facing in the subject. Then they specifically work on them to make the students understand the concept from the scratch.

Since each tutor is assigned six or less than six students.  It’s easy for the tutors to have attention and interact with each of them. Each of these students is thought with a customized set of instructions based on their performance in live interaction sessions.

Regular tests and assessments are done after the completion of each topic which will help in constantly monitoring the progress of the students

An Introduction to Least Common Multiple (Lcm).

The least common multiple is also called the least common divisor in the short we will denote it as LCM or LCD. As the name itself implies that it is a method of finding the smallest common multiple of any two or more numbers.

For example LCM (4,8)

Multiples of 4- 4,8,12,16,20,25,28,32,36,40…..

Multiples of 8- 8,16,24,32,40,48,56,64,72..

An observing this two series of multiples. the common multiples we will get are

8,16,24,32,40.   Among these, the smallest one is 8.

So,the LCM(4, 8) = 8.

There are three methods for calculating the LCM of the two numbers.

  1. LCM by the listing method
  2. LCM using the factorization method
  3. LCM used in the division method

Explore more about the least common multiple at the cuemath websites.

Properties of LCM

The LCM is having any number of properties are listed below.

  • Associative Property for two numbers is: LCM (a,b) = LCM (b,a).
  • Commutative Property for three numbers is : LCM (a,b,c) = LCM (a, LCM (b,c)) = LCM (LCM (a,b),c) = LCM (LCM (a,c),b).
  • Distributive property for four numbers is: LCM (da, db, dc) = d × LCM (a, b, c).

Cuemath tutors make the subject more interesting by incorporating their teaching with many aids like visual stimulation, colorful diagrams, effective videos, animations, puzzles that are based on the problems, and conducting quizzes, maths workbooks, etc. that will keep the students more attentive in the class rather than just teaching them theoretically.

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