Steps to Increase your Income as a Teacher

A career in teaching can be a thoroughly fulfilling pursuit that provides a lot of opportunities to enhance the life of students. However, some teachers experience challenges on the monetary front and seek more opportunities to earn through various ways. There are a lot of factors that influence the income of a teacher such as his experience, academic qualification, his location, type of educational institution, teaching role, and likewise. In the rapidly changing field of education, there are a variety of ways through which a teacher might supplement his income. Whether taking part-time online classes, work from home online, or earning an advanced degree, as a teacher, one is not short of ways to secure higher pay. In this article, we discuss steps you can take to increase your income as a teacher.

Look for Opportunities to earn Extra at your School-

Managing an educational institution is no mean feat, schools more often than not are understaffed, and there is always more work piling on than can be managed easily. Many teachers sign up for additional responsibilities at schools for extra income. For instance, a teacher could coach students at sports, arts, drama, music, debate, or other co-curricular activities depending upon their abilities and interests. A teacher can also take up some leadership roles apart from teaching. This is the simplest way to supplement your income as a teacher as you can earn more within your working hours and work with the same students as well.

Sign up to Online Teaching-

Online teaching is a wonderful way to earn money sitting at home. Moreover, you can work full time or part-time according to your requirement and taste. A school’s pay often depends upon the location and a teacher in a suburban school will earn less money compared to an educator teaching at a school in a metro city. This is where online teaching provides a level playing field as anyone can teach from anywhere and the only thing which determines your income is your dedication and hard work. Nowadays, setting up a live class is a child’s play with good online teaching apps in the market which provide revolutionary features like low data mode for greater reach in a country like India, digital whiteboards, online teaching through mobile, automated attendance, automated fee collection system, and likewise. Moreover, with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, almost all teaching today is being carried out in online mode. So, online teaching is the best way to supplement your income as a teacher.

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Explore Tutoring Options-

It is an old-fashioned but highly effective way of earning extra income as a teacher. After school, you can take up tutoring local kids or the students at your school who need extra attention. Online teaching can prove extremely useful here especially if there are not many local students looking for tutoring. Moreover, you could reach many students simultaneously in online classes which is not possible by giving tuitions offline.

Guiding Students for National Level Exams-

There are several national level exams at schools like NTSE, KVPY, PSA for which students need extra guidance from their teachers. Moreover, there are many competitive exams that have the same syllabus which you teach at school, such as NEET, JEE, SSC, Bank Exams which many students take with years of dedicated preparation. Guiding such students in their journey can be a great way to earn extra income as a teacher. Furthermore, invigilators are required for the successful conduction of such competitive exams, which is another way of earning extra bucks.

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Higher Education-

Even though, a Bachelor’s degree in Education is all that’s required to teach in most schools across India, your income increases with your level of qualifications. There are many courses which you can take while teaching that will help you in earning more. Apart from this, government schools generally pay more than private ones, and also government jobs come with better perks, work-life balance, job security, and more leaves and holidays which can be utilized to earn more via tutoring or other means. Therefore, higher education provides better avenues for a teacher for earning more.

These are some ways through which a teacher can easily supplement his income and earn more with minimal effort.

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