The Launch of Counos Exchange Has Been Announced by Its Founder Pooyan Ghamari

Counos Centralized Exchangeis close to being launched. This exchange will indeedprovide a centralized trading platform that enables users exchange crypto with crypto and crypto with fiat money and vice versa in a safe and secure environment without any concern for their assets.

The founder of Counos, PooyanGhamarihas made an announcement in this regard that after a long time during which a lot of work has been done to improve and increase the features of the exchange, Counos Centralized Exchange is being launched.

This exchange is operated by Counos s.r.o. which is an exchange whose main office is based in the city of DunajskáStreda in the country of Slovakia. Counos s.r.o is officially registered and licensed with the registration number 51285037 that has the permit to offer services in the domain of digital currency exchange services and digital currency wallet services.

The basic idea behind the establishment of Counos Centralized Exchange has been to provide a platform in which the process of cryptocurrency exchange is facilitated. This is done in the hopes that users can trade digital currencies with fiat money and vice versa in a fully legal and secure way. It should be mentioned that speed and quick processes are also another part of this exchange. As a result, users will not only experience ultimate safety and security, but also a face paced process and trading.

Moreover, the security and authentication of transactions and exchangeswill be reviewed and guaranteed by Counos in order to offer an even much higher level of security. In addition, there are mechanisms in place in order to prevent the occurrence of any activity that would lead to illegal actions or itself be deemed as one.

By relying on the experts in its team, Counos Centralized Exchange will constantly attempt to improve the services that are offered to users and the breadth and range of supported digital and fiat currencies. All in all, as the founder and CEO of Counos stated, the highest aim of Counos Centralized Exchange is to offer the highest standards of services to users.

With the unveiling of the Centralized Exchange, Counos will have both the centralized and decentralized trading platform for cryptocurrencies, as the decentralized exchange was launched in 2019. As such, with the help of Counos DEX, users will be able to trade digital currencies as well.

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