The Never-ending Battle over Smoking in New Jersey Casinos

For more than a decade, New Jersey land-based casinos have been a battleground between owners and workers. The employees insist that smoking puts their health at a higher risk. The owners, on the other hand, insist that a ban on smoking would significantly affect their business health. They argue that it would lead to a massive loss of business. The battle finally found its way into the court floor after nearly 2,500 casino employees joined hands to push for the smoking ban.

Online casinos are a good solution to the smoking battle

Amid the never-ending smoking battle in New Jersey casinos, online casinos could provide a lasting solution. Gamblers in online casinos do not need to sit at tables where other gamblers are smoking. They can place bets from the comfort of their homes and win money.

New Jersey is currently recording a rise in new online casinos launching in various towns and cities within the state. One of the latest online casinos is betPARX NJ which has a strong market base in Pennsylvania.

New Jersey residents support the ban on smoking in casinos

The ban on smoking is not only supported by casino workers but also by the NJ residents. They say smoking in casinos does not promote a heart-healthy lifestyle. The Stockton University recently conducted a poll and reported that 63 percent of those interviewed support the ban on smoking in casinos.

The NJ casinos are allowed by law to set aside up to 25 percent of their land-based facilities for smoking. The Stockton University engaged 640 adult respondents. Although 62 percent were in favor, 31 percent didn’t support while 6 percent were undecided.

The NJ governor is in support of the ban

The workers’ push for a smoking ban received support from the NJ Governor Phil Murphey. He said that he was ready to sign the bill once it was brought to his desk. Phil, a Democrat, said the legislation is in the house pending discussions and passing. Casino owners are against the passing of the bill, arguing it would potentially impact casino profits and jobs.

The battle has dragged on for more than a decade

Looking back at the smoking ban milestones, the highly spirited battle began in 2006. This was after the New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act of 2006 was passed. Casinos were allowed to set aside smoking spaces within the facilities. After the pandemic struck in 2020, a temporal ban was imposed but later lifted after the pandemic restrictions were eased.

It was about this time that the battle was reignited. The dealers Naccarelli, Nicole, and Lamont launched an online campaign to alert casino workers about the effects of cigarette smoke on non-smokers. The workers can only hope that the legislation will soon see the light of the day and be signed into law.

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