V-League Is Priced: Good News Even for the First Division

The fact that VPF charges a premium for the V-League licensing package is excellent news for the clubs playing in this arena, and it should also lead to increased parity in the National First Division.

You may have heard that VPF is going to execute a contract with VPF partners to auction the V-League broadcasting rights at a massive fee for 4 seasons, beginning in 2019 and ending in 2022.

Although the aforementioned contract has not yet been officially signed, its reported value of approximately 60 billion VND each season pledges to turn the tide for Vietnamese football.

The V-League is to be bought at a high price

This is an unprecedented high, perhaps beyond the wildest dreams of previous generations of Vietnamese professional football organizers. V-League television rights were originally acquired by AVG of the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) in 2010 for a paltry 6 billion VND per year, with an annual rise of 10% to be implemented after every season.

As of 2017, VPF had reached an agreement with Next Media to sell their rights to the V-League through 2022. Thus, VPF receives 2 billion VND annually in cash and has commercial time within every match, averaging around 9 minutes per fight. Value-wise, this contract is little relative to the hundreds of millions of dongs required to run a V-League franchise.

With the V-TV League’s royalties set to skyrocket in 2023 compared to prior years, we should expect to see a significant improvement in the level of play.

It’s not hard to see how a rise in the price of television broadcasting rights would benefit both the tournament’s organizers and the clubs. Not to mention, the football live betting recommendation bettors would get going forward.

With the help of the national teams, Vietnamese football has grown and developed over the years. You can rest assured that the local pro league will advance at a rapid pace once there is a significant amount of cash coming from television rights.

V-League TV rights skyrocketed

VPF hopes to use the money from the sale of expensive television rights to improve the tournament and help produce better players by investing in video assistant referee technology, bringing in international referees, providing training for local officials, and bolstering the budgets of participating teams.

This section invests an extra VND 1 billion per season on VPF for the first 4 years, increasing to VND 2 billion in 2021, on top of paying incentives equal to the length of TV advertising. At the conclusion of the 2022 season, the agreement between the parties will be over. Next Media was given first dibs at negotiating, but they only offered 5 billion VND per season.

There are presently 13 clubs competing in the V-League. With 40 points, two more than second-place Hai Phong, Hanoi leads after 21 rounds. Ho Chi Minh City is in last place with 18 points; however, they are just a point behind Nam Dinh in 10th place and HAGL in 8th place.

Ticket promo promises to be more appealing to first-class clubs

After FPT, the worth of V-League television rights has perhaps never been more widely discussed. Similarly, the promo ticket will be even more desirable to First Division clubs when the V-League teams commit to sharing a larger portion of the TV rights.

Competition for a spot in England’s Premier League remains intense and strong right up until the season’s final whistle. When it comes to ticket prices, even the Premier League promotion play-off final is the priciest game in the world.

Why? Because the victorious team stands to make hundreds of millions of pounds from game attendance, media rights, marketing, sponsorship, and incentives from the Organizing Committee.

Obviously, comparing the value of the Premier League teams at the end of each season to the worth of the clubs in the V-League would be senseless.


Although it is true that football fans in the region have not paid much attention to this competition for quite some time, the significant value it has delivered cannot be denied.

Many young U-aged athletes have found the courage and independence to step out of the shadows and into the limelight after developing on this playground. Vietnamese football stands to gain a lot from growing competition in the First Division. For more news and  football live odds, soi kèo bóng đá has your back!

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