What is the major application of SSBB certification?

As a LSSGB professional, you want to have comprehensive knowledge about the Six Sigma methods and your dream to work as an LSSBB in managing projects and its quality. Then boom! You are on the right track. Behaviorist suggests that humans should constantly hoard and gather knowledge until they become self-aware. Self-actualization that we are talking about knows the limits. Often observed that you get momentary satisfaction when you reach this stage, but you do not stop learning. Learning is your perpetual goal!

As a green belt, you know the methods and tools as well as to an extent, you have applied your knowledge in projects. But what you lack is decisiveness and impartial awareness about projects. The more you gain experience about how your senior management carries out the task, takes preliminary and closure steps, steps they take in contingencies, and what tactics they apply when the deadline is near, and the work is half done. In this article, we do not promote half work for sure. But in some cases, projects linger due to the newness of the project and unknown domain.

You can cite examples from failures that big companies have received by Sprintzeal.

One such bright example of miscalculation and client dissatisfaction is the ‘’IBM’s failure in the Payroll system”. The Queensland health department chose IBM to head a project in renovating their outmoded payroll system. IBM quoted to complete this project in around $16 million, but with a sheer miscalculation and erratic leadership, this project stretched to a budget of a staggering $1.25 billion!

Can you imagine the extent, the ill reputation, and no confidence it brought to IBM for their fault? Today IBM is at its decline stage with some of these miscalculated projects. Companies and clients choose the market leader, and if they get pathetic results, then what shall they do?

The big picture

Companies like Google, Netflix, Citrix, Oracle, Sony, and Philips are calling for enthusiastic PM and their team to join their organization and work for them in projects. They are surely opting for control than giving a free hand to outsourcing partners, which can be tragic as described above.

A listed and B listed companies are hiring professionals with relevant degrees and certification, and most importantly, the project exposure they have to their teams. With these created teams, things are under control, and communication is effective about the progression. They are also hiring certified Master Black belt professionals, ITIL practitioners, Scrum masters to nourish these teams.

Project management is now everywhere, wedding planners to event managers, formula one to Olympics, everyone has a project management team. Thus as per the application of this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is concerned, you get wide exposure if you can fit in. Some project environment may be hostile for you and some more peaceful. It all depends upon the individuals how they react to responsibilities and authorities.

The vision of the Rio Olympics of 2016 was to build a better world through sports with values in excellence, respect, and friendship. According to PMI and six sigma council. This mammoth project of close to $1.46 billion was not easy to carry. From the initiation to closing, the whole project was hectic; in all the 37 locations, necessary steps were taken to conduct this 80 participative nation’s celebration smoothly.

The small picture

If you are concerned about your salary, then you must know after this certification, you are paid more than expected. As per the reports by ZipRecruiter and PayScale, a LSSBB professional fetches a salary of $138000 per annum! Yeah, this is huge, huge than any of its counterparts like the PMI’s PMP certification. A PMP certified professional can get $125000 maximum!

All about CSSB

An SSBB certification validates the following:

  • Understanding the projects
  • Experience in handling projects
  • Project leadership capabilities
  • Statistical work
  • Delegation and reporting

With these core competencies, one can rest assured to join the middle-level management team and have a team of its own. You, as a Project manager quality engineer or project analyst, can achieve your dream through this certification. You can expect an increment in salary of 25% and promotion to delegate and reporting authority.


In this article, we have discussed the project collapse and the extent a project can reach. We also have closely articulated the virtues a LSSBB professional is expected to have after certification. We have discussed the responsibilities centric job roles and all its applications vividly in this article.

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