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Why Research Is Important Before Getting Into SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is not something that you can easily understand in a day or two. There are different processes involved in it, and a successful SEO campaign requires in-depth understanding to create the best strategy for a positive result. Phoenix SEO agencies specialize in this area, so they know the ins and outs of SEO. 

If done right, SEO can help increase your site’s visibility, generate quality organic traffic, and improve your conversions. Some of the best Phoenix SEO agencies ensure that the right SEO campaign is in place to achieve all those things. Here are some areas to research before starting SEO. 

Customer research

The most important thing in SEO marketing, in general, is knowing your target market. They are the ones who will potentially be your customers, so you need a solid understanding of who they are and what they want. Create a persona of your potential customers that will serve as your guide in your SEO. Below are the things to determine:

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  • Who will buy your products or services?
  • What do they want to do?
  • How do they make their purchases?
  • What influences their buying decisions?

For example, if you are selling maternity clothes, your target market are pregnant women. They may want to buy maternity products, get more information about pregnancy or maternity items. These customers may do their search on the web or access a site directly to make a purchase. Their buying decisions may be influenced by the reviews of other users and the price of the products. Performing your customer research may involve analyzing the behavior of your target audience when purchasing online. You may use surveys, focus groups, interviews, and observations to get the information you need. Studying the sales you made for the six months will also help you better understand your customers. 

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Keywords research

Another vital part of SEO is the use of keywords. It’s one of the things that search engines use to determine the ranking of the sites that they crawl and index. You can’t just use any keyword that comes to your mind to get exceptional results. Keyword research is needed to determine the best ones to use for your site and content. Use a keyword tool for this task. Enter the keywords associated with your company or the products and services you provide, and it will give you a list of related keywords, their rankings, and popularity. 

Research on competition

Performing research and monitoring your competitions will give you information about what they do well and their areas of improvement. You can learn and adapt to what they are great at and even find ways to surpass them. Their drawbacks will serve as warnings on things you should avoid and allow you to do better in those areas. Before doing any research on them, you must first know who they are. Use the search engine or an SEO tool to get the information you need. Once you know your competition, monitor their site and other online accounts to track their activities, including the blogs they post and the keywords they use. Find out what customers say about them, which will also tell you more of their strengths and weaknesses. 

Content research 

Content remains an essential part of SEO. Search engines determine the content that will best answer users’ queries, which will show on the search results. Knowing the user intent will help you decide what topics to write and how to write them. For example, searching a keyword on a search engine will yield results, and those results will give you an insight into what users look for. It will also show you other things that users ask relevant to the keyword searched. Another way to generate ideas on your content is by looking at the content of your competitors. Use an SEO tool to determine their high-ranking content, and write something on that topic, but make your content better.

On a final note

Do extensive research before getting into SEO to ensure you are guided appropriately. It will help you create an SEO campaign that will work to the advantage of your company. 

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