Why You Should Consider Solar Water Heaters

By definition, this is a heating system that uses solar energy to heat water. This water is then used in various home activities such as bathing. The device uses sunlight to heat water, thus providing an economic model of heating water. However, like anything else that is sweet, the device has its bitter side. Below are its pros and cons:

The pros

There is no harm to the environment.

When using this device, there is no emission of gases whatsoever to the environment. Unlike other methods of generating energy that emits dangerous gases, this model is super environmentally friendly. Pollution is one of the immediate dangers posed by humans to the environment. This system is thus excellent in providing comfort and avoiding pollution.

 It is associated with a very low cost of maintenance.

Generally, this system of heating water is associated with minimal to the low cost of maintenance. This saves the user money, which they can direct to other projects. The only price that one may incur while using the unit is the inspection of the system to ensure efficiency and security.

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One cut on heating bills

A solar water heater provides hot water for free since it uses sunlight to heat water. Unlike other heating sources such as fuel and electricity that use cash to run, this system is free and economical. Electricity bills are out of topic for a person who uses this heating model. Solar heater prices in Kenya are also quite affordable.

The above is an image of an installed solar water heater.

The cons.

 It is affected by climate.

Although the system does not need direct sunlight the whole day, minimal sunlight may affect its performance. The system has a backup, but this may increase the cost of the user since it uses electricity. Constant poor weather may lead to one using the backup frequently and thus fail to enjoy the free aspect of the solar water heater.

High cost of installation.

Install the system; it requires a lot of cash. The money is associated with buying the requisite gadgets and the labor for installation. The person planning to use the system must therefore consider a lot of cash before purchasing and installing the equipment. The average cost of buying and installing the system is around 9,000 dollars. You can call water heater repair Las Vegas for an alternative water heater system for your home.

This system can only be used for heating water.

Another shortcoming of this device is that it can only be used to heat water. You cannot use it for other appliances at homes such as kettles and ironing. If you want to use the system for other electrical purposes, you have to install another photovoltaic solar energy system.


One needs to evaluate the costs and benefits that are associated with this system. If, for instance, your area experiences sunlight only for few hours, then the device might not be suitable for you. The cash associated with installation might be hefty, but you will enjoy free services for the rest of the time you use it.

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